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Thread: Xyvotha's Guides p01:Fan Grill Hack!

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    Xyvotha's Guides p01:Fan Grill Hack!

    (This is a guide i posted in another forum, I thought someone could find this useful)

    Hello all, even being a n00b modder, i wanted to share my little experience with the rest

    I have this un-modded Athenatech A747 case (my main home pc) which has a front 92mm intake fan. I didn't like the noise it made, mainly because of the stock grill (perforations) in the metal chassis. I also wanted to do something useful because i haven't been doing anything in the past month or so.

    Then i thought "why not make this a guide for n00bs like me?"

    Main objectives are:
    a) an easy mod for the unexperienced
    b) a cheap (i.e. ghetto) project for the guy/gal who's not sure if he should drop some $$ in this modding madness.

    Here we go:

    (exaggerated)DISCLAIMER: Don't try this EVER!! If you do, you'll die inmediately and your descendants will all suffer from cronic insomnia every time an electric appliance is shut down in the neighbourhood.

    (Now seriously) Please learn from my mistakes: a) take out all the hardware before cutting/filing/sanding , electronic devices don't like metal particles (thx Tazz ). b) ALWAYS wear safety googles and gloves, you won't like a flying piece of hot metal coming into your eyes.

    (Note: the author's native language isn't english, please forgive the spelling/grammar mistakes)

    The victim, a non-big brand case, cheap ($45 incl. 450w psu) yet functional , Athenatech A747:

    front bezel detached:

    side panel open:

    92mm fan detached, you can see that ugly stock grill:

    let's do some markings of the fan's circumference (spelling?):

    (tip: white board felt pens are great for temporal markings, very easy to clean up later)

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    Xyvotha's Guides p01:Fan Grill Hack!


    here's the hacking tool, a inexpensive and trusty nibbler borrowed from a friend (thanks Orlando!):

    first byte (clack!):

    doing good so far (as you can see, i re-drew my guides for a octagon-like shape):

    a few dozen bits later:

    look at the coarse edges we got with the nibbler, time to deburr with my fav tool, the ghetto dremel copycat!

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    Xyvotha's Guides p01:Fan Grill Hack!



    as you can see in the next pic, dremelling (should i say Karsoning?) doesn't do all the job, real modders do hand file! lol

    after filing and 100 grit sanding:

    lets's test fit that fan:

    NOOOOOO!!! i did the wrong markings and some metal edges are obstructing the air flow!

    "measure once, cut twice" was my line here *sigh*

    Sooo kids, please repeat steps #2 thru #243

    new markings with adhesive tape:

    you know what i did later, after cutting/deburring/filing/sanding and also wasting a dremel sanding ring i was ready to mount that fan back, this time got some nice o-rings for additional noise damping:

    everything put together, looking nice

    hope this is gonna be helpful for someone, cheers

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