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Thread: multi-color G15

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    multi-color G15

    in few days, I'm gonna get a G15 (Logitech)

    I decided to throw the warranty away, cuz it was cheap (isn't new, used for 5 days and the user didn't like it :P )

    now to the question:

    what color of LEDs is the best to use? I first wanted to combinate red, white, green and blue (and maybe yelow) bow I don't think that's a good idea...

    any suggestions? =)

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    multi-color G15

    Keep in mind the LED's that are in the g15 are tiny. and there are only 10 of them. So you can't have too many colors. Also the light is muted with a piece of plex that basically pulls the light across all the keys from the bottom. So if you have two colors it's really going to blend.

    A friend of mine did a fire theme and did red and yellow. It looked pretty good but the color really merged towards the top of the KB. Of course he did the LED color every other one. Only near the bottom of the KB could you slightly see there were different colors present. The top one the red/orange one. the bottom is only red. The difference is subtle.

    For example if you used blue and red I think the color behind the Keys would end up purple. Keep that in mind.

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    multi-color G15

    hmm thx for the advice

    btw, is it possible to change the backlight of the LCD anyhow? (don't have the KB yet, don't know how it's made :PP)

    and for final 20 cents, does anyone have any ideas how could I modify logitech's MX610? (to look cooler)?

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    multi-color G15

    for the LCD on the G15 you could put different color celephane in there. That would change the color to red or blue with black text. It's a simple white backlit with black text. Much like a digital watch. So just putting something over the top should work.

    As for the mouse. Paint it. There are many guides out there for such a thing. We might even have one here. Haven't checked in a while. If not check out Tech-Daddy's log from project boss. He painted his mouse and usually has good details on how exactly he took it apart and painted.

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    multi-color G15

    can u give me the link to tech-daddy's log?

    and for mose painting?

    oh and btw, what do you guys use to color the chasis/mouse/plastic etc..

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    multi-color G15

    I use automotive paint for metal and paint for plastic that I pick up from the automotive store such as NAPA or sometimes from Wal-Mart or from any store that is close by.

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    multi-color G15

    I wish I was from the US.. :'(

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    multi-color G15

    I wish I could help out but I know that's not possible and I feel blessed that I was born and raised here. It's sad that there is such a riff in this world with all of the fighting and misunderstandings. This country has a lot to offer the world. I wish the world could get along like the members of MI does. It would be glowing world for sure then. Happy Modding to ya.

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    multi-color G15

    that's true...

    I'll see what I can do when I get my G15

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    multi-color G15

    got my G15 today xD

    *is in a big need to open the KB*

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