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Thread: My First Project Mod

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    My First Project Mod

    [B]I have never done a mod in my life before, but i want to do one and i have no ideas at all, the case i want to mod is my picture in my display.
    i am getting a little help from razer121

    Any ideas?

    Tom :P

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    My First Project Mod

    I usually like to pick a theme and draw it our design it all out in sketchup or corel. Once I figure that out I start cutting. These stock cases remind me of Defyant's work. Might look to him for inspiration among other modders.

    hope that helped.

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    My First Project Mod

    First off, Welcome to MI.

    I think a simple side window would be a great place to start! For some reason a side window just gets things going

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    My First Project Mod

    Yes, welcome to MI.
    I don't really feel that two worklogs are really necessary too..

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    My First Project Mod

    sorry im new to this site, i was thinkin of havin a side window in it with a colour changing fan with some etching in the plexi.


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    My First Project Mod

    right so heres the idea techytom, first of do the side indow thats gott be done! next of is on the front of your case where you have a line which gos don to the usb ports u should take thtout nd put sum plexi there and heat the plexi up bit so you can push it through so it looks like there is shape nd then mke sure you remove the usb ports bit of repostioning is in place here! (wheres my dremel) anyways with your newly installed bit of plexi you can install a led t each end of it so it glows! anyone else gree on that idea? ps, sum little holes each side of the plexi ith dials in i think ould look good to so they can messure the temp of ur cpu and hdd

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    My First Project Mod

    Well these are just a bit of the design im going to work on, i might change the front a little bit though i will keep it posted.

    What do you think to the design?


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    My First Project Mod

    maybe receed the neon tube and i recommend rounding the corners of the window, otherwise looks like a good start

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    My First Project Mod

    i was going to round the edges of the plexi window but i just didnt add it on the pic soz, i have stripped it down to a bare case now.

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    My First Project Mod

    I would suggest to cut the window so that the hard drive area is not seen. This makes it easy to hide all the wires for a first time modder plus who wants to look at the side of the HD cage?

    Welcome to Modders-Inc, the happiest place on the internet.

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