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    Mei Ice effect

    Hey Modders,
    I am very new to PC modding and don't have much experience.
    I have decided I would like to start with a simple mod, I have spray painted all my Components white and Ice blue.
    But the part that I thought would make my pc really unique was the Mei Overwatch Vinyl figure I got, I want to put her inside my new Evolv X PC case and have her spray Ice on a part of the Tempered side Panel.
    But what kind of materials could/should I use to create this Ice effect on the side Panel?

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    Not sure if you still want an answer, but for my Mei build I used paint to give the frost effect on the side panel. Most paints don't stick well to glass but Auto Air Colors white sealer sticks. Though if you were painting the inside anything would do since you're not handling it, even the fake snow for windows. I think another demo build from MSI's Pro Mod season 5 used silicone to make icicles. Look up 'MSI pro mod season 5 Ronnie Hara" and check out his build log.
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    Any pictures of your Mei Mod or a work log?

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    Do a search for Crevasse on the forums here and you'll get the whole build log.

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