Hi all.

I'm trying to make a custom PCIe cable. Corsair Type 3 and Type 4 literally use an EPS12V connector on their PSU, but with the polarity reversed from an actual EPS12V cable:

I'd like to be able to offer this same cable to people with other make/model PSUs, but I'm finding it difficult to find all of the information in one place.

So far, I have discovered that Cooler Master's Silent Pro Hybrid, V-Series and MWE Gold use this same connector and pinout on the PSU. Also, the Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB (but not sure about others????).

Also, of course, the BitFenix Whisper M because it actually uses the Type 4 cable set in it's entirety.

Does anyone here know of any other PSUs that have an EPS12V connector on the PSU itself, with the above pinout?

BTW: An example of a "wrong answer" would be "Seasonic Prime". While Seasonic uses a pinout that has the four ground wires on the clip side of the connector, they use a completely different shape 8-pin and an EPS cable cannot fit in it.

Thanks in advance!