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Thread: Core P5 GT40 Gulf Edition

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    Core P5 GT40 Gulf Edition

    Everyone has their dream cars for most of the kids in my generation that is either the Lamborgini Countach (80's) or the Nissan R32 GTR (90's). However, I always had one other car in my sights the 1969 Ford GT40 in the Classic Gulf Edition Blue and Orange. This is the theme I have chosen for my new build.
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    Specs: (Subject to change)
    Case: Thermaltake Core P5 Open Frame
    Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus H370 Gaming 3
    CPU: Intel i5-8400
    RAM: Patriot Viper Elite 2666 DDR4 4x4gb 16gb total
    SSD: 256gb Mushkin Enhanced Pilot M.2 NVME
    PSU: Corsair RMX 850
    GPU: ASUS ROG Strix RX580 8gb
    Water Pump: Swiftech MCP-655
    Radiator: ??????
    CPU Block:?????
    Rez: Bitspower 400mm Tube
    Fittings: ??????
    Tubing: ??????

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    Case Modding
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    Since my top coat is going to be a Light Powder Blue.
    I needed to change the color of the chasses from Black to White....
    I went with PPG Delfleet Flat White.

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    I'm not a big fan of having a bunch of un-used holes all over my PC.
    Cut out some Clear 1/8" Acrylic and wrapped it with White vinyl on the back side and used that to cover all the nasty holes I'm not going to be using.

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    Took another 1/8" thick piece of clear acrylic and put it back behind the motherboard.
    Backlit with some LEDs and this thing looks killer!!!

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    Added another piece of one-sided Mirrored acrylic over the clear piece with the white vinyl on the back to create some edge lighting around the mirrored piece.
    This is where the Resivour will be mounted. Going to add another piece of mirrored acrylic to the side of the radiator.
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