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Thread: NZXT H700 Cable Shroud Painting Questions

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    NZXT H700 Cable Shroud Painting Questions

    So This is going to be my first time modding my pc, I really want to go all out to give it a theme and make it look good, so am gonna get an H700, and I want to repaint the cable management shroud that from the plain black, to a decent darkish pink color, somthing that would match the color that cablemods has for their paracord cables. This will be the first time am painting / modding a pc, I know that if you want to paint some plastics you need to sand the top layer down to have the paint stick better, but because this is some kind of metel or what ever, nzxt support has no information to give to me to help, but I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions for what I should do / what I need.

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