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Thread: SX500-LG pinout compatibility

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    Question SX500-LG pinout compatibility


    After reading the overview of the Silverstone SX500-LG PSU, I understood that that the pinout configuration is standard. Could I replace the bundled cables, which are way too short, with standard extensions, like for example phantek's kit?


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    It looks like the pinout is straight but you might run into trouble with the PCIe depending on how the extensions are made and the SATA/Molex are a 6 pin connector. Also, just because the pins are right doesn't mean the connectors are. I can't remember how Silverstone does it, but there are 2 different 8 pin connectors(PCIe and EPS) and they may only use one type on the PSU.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't extensions rather short as well usually?

    I think you'd be better off running over to Cablemod and getting a set made for the SX500. Their set builder is pretty easy to use and then you know the set is made for the PSU. Just one thing, check the length that they are suggesting for the standard cables. SFX generally get short cables. I just picked up a set for a Silverstone SFX600 and they're nice quality, had a lot of choices on the actual cables I got(ie, PCIe with dual 6+2 vs a PCIe with a single 8 pin which is all I needed) and think it was like $70 for the set, which is pretty cheap for cables.
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