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Thread: Thermal Paste?

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    Thermal Paste?

    So am building a new pc, and I bought thermal paste the other day, it was EKWB branded stuff, now part of me is feeling a little skeptical about it, after hearing about what Linus tech tips was saying about two types of pastes in his words runny, and "particulate" kind, There was also somthing else I saw about how certain cheaper pastes can be harmful to the computer, and another point about that silver made thermal pastes are the best kind out there, but my main point of this thread is, should I just stick with the EKWB stuff, or should I buy somthing like Arctic MX-4?

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    Any name brand paste will be good. Places like EK, Tt, Cooler Master, and such have to put their brands on-the-line if they don't work well. The biggest thing is that you do not want to put to much paste on. In this case more is not better as it can hinder the transfer of heat.
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