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Thread: Claudia's Unicorns world scratch build

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    Claudia's Unicorns world scratch build

    Hi there,

    My name is Tino From Atipikal designs. I'm writing this buildlog from Canary Islands, Spain. May be my English is not as good as it should, so sorry for that in advance.

    That said, Time had come to get a new computer so my 11 year old daughter can do her homework and school projects.

    It was going to be her first computer so I wanted something special as a birthday present so I went for a scratch build computer case.

    I recently upgraded my workstation so I had some spare parts for the project and only had to buy a few more on line and some others from local suppliers.
    This is a brief list of them:

    Pc parts:

    Asrock am1b-m motherboard.
    Name:  AM1B-M(L1).jpg
Views: 3221
Size:  22.9 KB

    air cooled am1 Sempron 3850 cpu.
    Name:  sempron.jpg
Views: 1632
Size:  23.5 KB

    12gb Corsair vengance ddr3 1600 mghz.
    Name:  ram.jpg
Views: 1374
Size:  33.1 KB

    500Gb Seagate 7200rpm hard drive.
    Name:  seagate.jpg
Views: 1608
Size:  29.7 KB

    Ordered parts:

    250W pico psu.
    Name:  psu.jpg
Views: 1302
Size:  29.2 KB

    AC/DC adapter.
    Name:  acdc_adapter.jpg
Views: 1305
Size:  18.3 KB

    5v usb rgb led strip
    Name:  5vledstrip.jpg
Views: 1380
Size:  45.0 KB

    A3 cast acrilyc sheet
    Name:  IMG_20181027_190728.jpg
Views: 1323
Size:  17.3 KB

    Reflective Vinyl sheet
    Name:  reflectivesheet.jpg
Views: 1346
Size:  74.1 KB

    Silver Aluminum feet
    Name:  patas.jpg
Views: 1325
Size:  20.9 KB

    Metal power button:
    Name:  pwron.jpg
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Size:  29.3 KB

    Local suppliers:

    • 500mm x300mm x 20mm pine wood sheet
    • m3 nuts and screws
    • Black Hex Nylon M3 Standoffs.
    • White primer spray
    • White paint spray
    • Fucsia paint spray
    • Cutting Vinyl

    The idea for the case came from an acrilyc led sign tutorial seen on YouTube,
    Name:  sign.jpg
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Size:  21.1 KB

    and told myself why not taking that idea for the case, so I bought a pine wood sheet, an A3 cast acrilyc sheet, the led strip, the aluminum feet and some screws and started to design and build the chasis.

    I cut the three wood pieces as shown,
    Name:  IMG_20181027_190657.jpg
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Size:  17.9 KB

    Using my rotary tool, I routed a line along the biggest piece of wood, where I placed the led strip,
    Name:  IMG_20181027_193510.jpg
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Size:  20.3 KB

    Screwed the other two pieces leaving room enough to insert the acrilyc sheet between them.
    Also, I sanded and varnished all wood pieces and finaly, attached the four silver aluminum feet on the bottom side of the biggest piece.
    Name:  IMG_20181101_150151.jpg
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Size:  26.4 KB Name:  IMG_20181230_200739.jpg
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Size:  21.6 KB

    That made the basement of the project.

    After polishing the Acrilyc sheet edges I engraved the unicorn design on it using the Dremmel engraving bits.
    Then I placed it into its wooden base, and then I tested the led lights and the edges of the acrilyc sheet and engraved design glowed for the first time as shown.
    Name:  IMG_20190108_183728.jpg
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Size:  33.4 KB

    Time now to place the electronic components on the acrilyc.....
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    The idea here, is to place the motherboard on one side of the acrilyc sheet, leaving the other side to place the 3.5 HDD. The motherboard will be placed with its I/O interface oriented downwards so all cables can be easily routed.
    Attachment 4553 Attachment 4554

    I drilled the needed holes to attach the standoffs
    Attachment 4555 Attachment 4556

    and screws for both the motherboard and HDD, and also an additional hole to pass the sata cables from one side to the other.
    Name:  IMG_20190108_183728.jpg
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Size:  33.4 KB

    Once I placed the motherboard, HDD and routed all cables, it was time to prepare the acrilyc sheet that is going to shield the motherboard and its components. For that job, I decided to use a 3mm acrlilyc sheet and four pine wood rods. I cut the rods to 120 mm to work as standoffs for the acrilyc shield, and paint them in white.
    Name:  IMG_20181229_142120.jpg
Views: 1350
Size:  32.6 KB Name:  IMG_20181229_142155.jpg
Views: 1308
Size:  23.6 KB

    This is how the acrilyc shield will be installed once cut and painted.
    Name:  IMG_20181229_160907.jpg
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Size:  23.4 KB

    After this I prepared the shield by adding some vinyl designs before painting, and cut a round hole at cpu cooler level. I used an aluminum grid to cover that hole. Also I drilled another hole to place the power button
    Name:  IMG_20181229_174058.jpg
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Size:  22.6 KB Name:  IMG_20181229_174103.jpg
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Size:  19.9 KB
    Name:  IMG_20181229_180430.jpg
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Size:  25.5 KB Name:  IMG_20181229_183243.jpg
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Size:  18.3 KB

    I cut and paint a HDD cover aswell with acrilyc, and this is how HDD cover and shield look:
    Name:  IMG_20190108_214706.jpg
Views: 1310
Size:  24.7 KB Name:  IMG_20190108_220121.jpg
Views: 1345
Size:  24.1 KB

    Then I set them on their final place:
    Name:  IMG_20190111_192727.jpg
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Size:  28.1 KB Name:  IMG_20190111_192737.jpg
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Size:  34.9 KB

    Some more pics of the final result:
    Name:  IMG_20190111_192855.jpg
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Size:  33.7 KB
    Name:  IMG_20190111_232225.jpg
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Size:  23.6 KB
    Name:  IMG_20190111_232238.jpg
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Size:  24.2 KB

    This is how I gave my daughter her present:
    Name:  IMG-20190112-WA0007.jpg
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Size:  36.6 KB
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    You look great, you're a great person.

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    Very impressive picture, thank you for sharing.Street View Online

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