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Thread: modding a router?

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    modding a router?

    anyone tried that yet?

    I'm gonna take some time and try to mod mine :P

    SMC (SMCWBR14-G)'s router:

    [gonna post pics later on ]

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    modding a router?

    I was gonna spray mine, but I never got around to it. Just remember to leave enough exhaust and take all components out before you do any modding.

    Writing plans and labeling screws also helps a lot.

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    modding a router?

    I have seen a few with windows and painted, but like computer mods each are different and fun to look at. Keep us posted on the mod.

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    modding a router?

    coolest one i ever saw was, (and i imagine it was a hub), a guy mounted a 48 port hub in the top of his PC, it was pretty sweet, i'd post pics but this was a couple years ago when i saw it and i dont have the links. but he made a clear plexi top to mount the network ports into, it was sweet.

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    modding a router?

    48 ports 8O that nuts. Yeah painting it and maybe some leds would give a router a nice touch :P Careful when handling it, they break easy

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    modding a router?

    Before any modding...

    Opened case

    Another pic

    Just played "link the dots" :P (don't look at my desk..)

    Covered the holes, tho I decided to cover the front side only.. :P

    Painted - 1st layer (out of 2)

    While the cover was drying.. I changed the green power LED to a red one :P

    Back in Black

    LEDs mounted (3×Green - ultrabright)

    *crosses fingers*
    I hope this'll work

    YAAY *claps hands*

    Looks cool, tho the hole... no meaning :? *darnit*

    Front view

    Final look (well I forgot to put the antenna on but anyway :P )

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    modding a router?

    That was fast. CLEAN UP THEM EDGES.
    Yeah, it would have been cool to do a sweet image on there, but this looks good nonetheless.

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    modding a router?

    can't clean the edges... tried but I only scratched the surface :cry:

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    modding a router?

    use an exacto knife and go really slow... it works, assuming thats the plastic i am thinking of. BTW what did you use to make the cuts?

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    modding a router?

    the plastic is somehow very hard...

    I used an ermm... don't know what's it called, I'll make a photo :P (english isn't my native language and I'm only 16 so.. my word database isn't filled up yet :P )

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