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Thread: Xyvotha's Guides p02: Casters!

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    Xyvotha's Guides p02: Casters!

    (This is a guide originally posted in another forum, hope someone find it useful)

    Hello all,

    (this is not a new idea at all, but i thought the details would be useful for first time modders)

    Intro: Anyone getting into this mod madness is used to move their beloved pc cases all the time, why not then start making that movement easier? Let's put in casters!
    (please forgive my bad english, i'll appreciate any correction in spelling/grammar)

    (Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk, you could totally ruin your equipment if you try this mod, also you'll probably turn into a pig and get slaughtered in Age of Mythology!)


    Okay, i started taking out all the electronics from my case (ok almost everything, risking my precious fans and optical drives. Don't do like me, take it all out!):

    here's the bottom of the case, with those ugly rubber/plastic feet, two of them out, two to go:

    Before drilling the holes, i gotta take out this small cage that was supporting the 3.5" drive bay:

    It is riveted to the case frame, so the easiest way is to drill the rivets with a 3mm bit:

    the cage is out:

    old rivets bits:

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    Xyvotha's Guides p02: Casters!

    These are my supplies, 4 locking casters with 3/8" bolts (sic?), wide washers for a good support, (pressure washers?) for the inside and 3/8" nuts:

    Before choosing your casters (and drilling your precious case), make sure you have enough room inside for 3/8" nuts, else you could also use one of these, requiring 4 smaller (i think 5/32&#34 bolts:

    Let's do the markings, i drew over the remaining adhesive the old feet left:

    then drill with a 3mm bit, then 6mm, then 10mm:

    After filing the holes (i can't stand sharp edges even if i'm going to cover them with washers), i put the first caster in place:

    See why that big washer is needed? each caster needs a wide area of support, else your case will bend.

    now let's screw nut and pressure washer on the other side:

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    Xyvotha's Guides p02: Casters!

    All 4 wheels are tightly bolted now, let's re-assemble everything

    As a n00b modder, i've found out many guides asking you to rip a case frame in pieces, something that many times involves drilling those ubiquitous rivets. The problem is, very few guides tell you how to re-assemble them! You have two choices: First is to replace the rivets with stove bolts (5/32" or smaller) which is good and sturdy, difficult in small places tho. The other is to get a rivet puncher (or is it a plain riveter?), a tool that i always thought was expensive for the few times i would use it.

    That's a myth!, i got this riveter for less than $10, has replaceable heads for different sized rivets:

    also got a box of 100 x 3mm aluminuminuminum rivets (the most common for pc cases) for around $3. Watch them near the cage:

    here's how to fit them, you just clamp the cage:

    put one rivet with the wider tip in the hole:

    insert the long tip into the riveter:

    tightly close the handles until you hear a loud snap, that's all!

    all four rivets in place:

    top view, just like the original!

    Now you can enjoy your taller case with brand new casters, you could even put a lace and take her for a ride! ;P

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