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    Hi Guys! I'm planning a new build in the Phanteks Enthoo Evolve ITX case; white. Besides the fact that the white on the plastic pieces doesn't match the white on the metal pieces (I'm hoping the RGB will distract me enough from that...LOL), the interior is black and doesn't work with the planned color scheme. I need the inside of the case to be white as well. Can I just paint the interior white, or should I paint the entire metal chasis? Should I even bother trying to paint the plastic parts? Should I choose a different case?

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    Plastics never match paint. Talked to Fractal's new guy about that the other day. Paints are the same.

    It really comes down to how much work you want to do and how picky you are. You can paint just the interior. If it's behind a tinted panel, it's almost impossible to tell the color differences. But if you're going to bother with painting the whole chassis because you don't want any color variance, then paint all the plastics you can too. Prep is key on plastics.
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    I would recommend to completely repaint the case InsolentGnome is right tho. Prep is the key. Dont forget to prime.
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