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Thread: change LEDs on Logitech's wheel mouse (optical)

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    change LEDs on Logitech's wheel mouse (optical)

    ok, how to do it:

    first, pick a victim:

    then unscrew the only screw there is..

    open the mouse carefully and take the wheel out (watch for the spring - it's position!)

    take the "thing" off there

    ok now pull the front end out first, don't try to pull the back out because u'll break the case!!

    ok if you've taken everything apart.. it should look like this:

    ok now take that part out by unsoldering the LED's pins (legs, connectors, whatever :P )

    it looks like this now:

    ok now pull the LED out:

    when u changed the LED put the piece back on the PCB and solder it:

    (ok I over-heated it a bit, the soldering iron didn't heat up good yet)

    ..put the lens back in.. (if you took them out)

    ok now the back end first and then the front end

    watch for these 4 err well look in the circles :P :

    now put the wheel back in its slot

    ok now you might wanna test it.. (f it doesn't work, press the PCB down with one finger)

    now close the mouse:

    there you go =) :

    different colors

    1. Use the brightest LED you can get!
    2. Watch the polarity of the LED!
    3. Don't eat your finger when you're reading this and eating a hamburger!
    4. I broke a piece off somewhere (only heard, didn't see) and I don't know where it fell off so be carefull (not like me :P )
    5. The sensitivity of the mouse might get a little worse but I don't see any difference on my mouses

    tools used: (my parrot doesn't count :roll: )

    I hope anyone found this usefull

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    change LEDs on Logitech's wheel mouse (optical)

    nice usefull to me never have changed a led just know how to but this helps alot! nice mod btw looks gd ever thought of bright white?? might glow lighter with the black bottom ya know?

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    change LEDs on Logitech's wheel mouse (optical)

    you can prolly change it to whatever you want.. I wanna try with IR LED someday :P

    just it HAS to be ultrabright LED!

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