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Thread: Project: The Blue Monster

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    Project: The Blue Monster

    Well i started about a month ago when i was browsing around ebay and saw a clear case not like i havent seen them before but it was really cheap so im like why not let me start a new project,

    The plans for this project are and still will be,

    Hdd Western digital Raptor 150gb clear
    Abit AB9 motherboard
    Water cooling supplys besides northbrige heatsink
    Ram 4gb of corsair XMS2 6400 Ram after about $600
    6 Cold Cathodes
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6400

    I really dont have much left, here are my plans for whats left

    HIS Radeon X1900Pro
    plextor DVD-RW's Sata
    XFI Gaming Audio Card

    They Lights Work

    I wanted The raptor X to be mounted like that so it gets alot of visablity, I changed it later on youll see.

    Today i got some stuff
    Core 2 Duo E6400
    Artic Silver 5 Thermal Compund
    A free Game that came with prossesor


    Got Some Stuff Done on the Motherboard and its looking preaty Nice


    Well Ive been doing quite a bit of work i put the case together to test fit some pannels i made and they look really good

    Ok so ive been thinking
    ive started a poll asked friends on bit-tech
    and alot more so heres what im going to do

    i am going to go to my hardware store tommorow buy a new piece of 1/4th inch plexi cut it with my dads jig-saw

    then using this template

    With the jigsaw
    This is for the bottom pannel

    Here is me Cutting
    getting preped
    3.jpg" alt="" />

    getting there

    slowly moving lol

    first half done

    both done


    finished sanding

    done pic

    done pic

    i am going to my hardware store today to get some new accrillic for the new window.

    i have alot of leftover accrillic and i am going to have that old window so i am going to make the feet cool tonnight or somthing.

    Today i have been working on the feet so i can fit the 2 rad fans underneath


    Well Ive been thinking with some help from friend you know who you are thanks and i decided why not put the resivar on the bottom above rad and put the hdd sideways right up top so thats what i did and heres some pics

    well i also found out thats a bad idea so this is what i did

    I also have a Black hiper power supply which is not in yet and i do not have any pics of it but i hope you like.

    Comments Welcome
    UG :Thumb

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    Project: The Blue Monster

    seems pretty cool like the idea wanna see more

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    Project: The Blue Monster

    seems pretty cool like the idea wanna see more
    ya i like the idea too,

    i usally dont really like clear computer case mods (im a newbie here but a senior member at other places) but i think this one is turning out really good

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    Project: The Blue Monster

    Looking good and I like the blue. Keep up the good work, we all love mods that show us how to do things so make sure that we get plenty of pics. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project: The Blue Monster

    ah man, your pics aren't working for me. says your bandwidth has been exceeded

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    Project: The Blue Monster

    ah man, your pics aren't working for me. says your bandwidth has been exceeded
    same here..

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    Project: The Blue Monster

    your bandwidth has been exceeded ........... nvm just right click the photo's and click properties and copy and paste the link . Really nice case you have there

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    Project: The Blue Monster

    As all of you know i have well exxeded my bandwidth on photobucket so i am going to upload the pics to my friends server

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    Project: The Blue Monster

    Sick case, I want to see this thing move along lol.

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    Project: The Blue Monster

    hey ultimate-gamer try or just create a new photobuccket account

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