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    frontside window

    now i am thinking back and i cant think of to many cases i've seen a window in the front of them unless it was in a door. well i have a gigantic case that sadly i never got around to modding to much due to extreme lack of time. well i thnk i'm going to put it's first window in there this weekend.

    I've got some sweet window applaques from that i'm also going to review this weekend. And as a precursor to it, these things are pretty sweet, i got them in the mail today and i'm really impressed with them.

    Now what i'm planning for my PC is maiking a small maybe 4x4 or 5x5 window in the front, just large enough to mount either the Hack in the Box decal, or since this is fusionmods, i might instead mount the Atoms Decal. Then i'd pick up 2 4" cathods to back light which ever one i choose.

    So in your guys opinions, go check those decals out and just imagine a custom window for these and tell me what one you guys think would look better. i'm lookin forward to doing this and i'll have a guide posted this weekend, as well as reviews on my site about the applaques with lots of pictures and samples

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    frontside window

    I think the light shining thru the lettering of Hack in the Box would be cool, so I chose that one.

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    frontside window

    Mine does, not plexi though...

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    frontside window

    well guys i actually decided to go in an all around different direction. While thinking of how to keep my cut really straight and clean aside from some smooth dremel work i started thinking about the drill press in the basement. well, i looked at a couple smaller rounder decals and found they were a perfect fit for a holesaw i had sitting around.

    Well it all worked out really great, the cuts are nice and clean, which suprised me. my front panel is about 1/8" thick so i was worried i'd have trouble cutting it but i had zero problems. i'm not completly done with it yet, but heres a nearly completed teaser...

    lemme know what you guys think as well as comments/questions/suggestions

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    frontside window

    Looks good. I agree that it livens up a boring front panel that has nothing. Happy Modding to ya.

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    frontside window

    I can't see good, are those stickers?

    looks good btw

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    frontside window

    sorry for the delay, i haven't been to active latly. They are actually decals. I ended up mounting them on plexi and mounting the plexy. i am expecting two 4" blue cathodes to back light them in the mail any day now.

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    frontside window

    Looks pretty good. You sure they are translucent enough to backlight?

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    frontside window

    I like the idea of what your doing. It will look good cant wait to see more pics.

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    frontside window

    holidays have been kinda crazy otherwise i'd be posting more, but i've just got two 4" blue cathodes that i'm mounting behind it. When i get them all mounted i'll show you some pics in action.

    They do show light through them. they're not clear though, but they do catch the light nicly, thats something i actually tested before i did any of this project, otherwise i more then likly would have just applied the decals directly to the case

    but it wasn't to much work reguardless, this was actually the easiest front panel i've ever removed. lol only 6 screws and all of them were easily accessible

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