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Thread: Project Arrakis - A Dune Case Mod

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    Smile Project Arrakis - A Dune Case Mod


    Hello Modders Inc. community,

    quite late in my life i realized i wanna go further with pc`s, than just putting parts together in a generic case .
    I recently started to create a casemod by myself, teaching myself all the things on the go, so kinda trial and error, but it is super fun so far.
    Besides youtube, in which i post complete video logs of my build to show how i work and what i use , i thought i should go deeper into a real modding community with my build to get opinions or critics (positive or negative) on it.


    First off i have no sponsors or helping hands for it and all is made by myself.
    I have no big machines or tools availble that would make my life easier XD.

    It is a scratch build ( i think it is called that way, i kept the top and both sides of the base case because of the lock mechanism i really liked, but they will also be heavily changed), of which the front side, back side and bottom are completly cut and fit from scratch.
    The original case was a way more than a decade old Fujitsu/Siemens Esprimo OEM with a mirrored and weird layout, which i want to keep that way. (has its own charm and makes it special)

    When it is finished, i want it to represent the Dune universe, that means sandy colors, a waved paintjob (to represent sand dunes), coated with EVA foam on the outside and inside to give it a nice look and a smooth touch and the eye-catcher (which makes it fully Project Arrakis) a sandworm which is making its way through the case with several exit holes, made and modelled out of PE and EVA Foam.
    Also a lot of the cable management in the inside will be coated to look like parts of the worm.

    The case will have a triple fan setup, 2 intake in the front, 1 exhaust in the back + the power supply intake which will be located on the top.
    Since i really dislike rainbow puke RGB, the main color of the lights will be red, to fit in nicely with the rest of the case colors.
    When it comes to components (as i said i have no sponsors), i will take my parts of my working pc which is a Ryzen 7 2700, a GTX 1060, a 550w power supply and a Gigabyte Mainboard, but in the end the design of the case will be the focus, better parts can go in later i guess.

    Buildpictures with short description (when i manage to integrate pics in here XD

    1. The original case from which i stripped all the insides and there was no airflow at all, just a single but covered fron fan (and so many rivets to drill out O.o )

    2. After i cut the new front with my trusty dremel and just wanted to see if the fans fit (and more rivets back in XD )

    3. After i finished the bottom of the Case and attached a holder for the clip open door which slides onto it (even more rivets back in )

    4. After i cut the intake for the power supply in the back and cut all the worm exit holes

    5. Here u can also see the sidepanel which u can detach from the case ( it will also get a wave shaped acrylic window) and the power supply tray i cut, also closed the exit holes from the inside with epoxy and metal sheets since the worm gets attached and its not going through the case

    6. Just to find out if it works with a random old power supply : 7. Epoxy work, installed spacers for mainboard base and mesh front / top 8. sanded and getting ready for the paintjob 9.protective coat for the metal so i can start coating it in foam
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