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Thread: Master modder presents!

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    Master modder presents!

    well nothing yet ... but thats not the point because your all here to help me, and i have many many ideas
    okay lets start with my crazyest idea of all ...

    i want to take out the radio in my car and put in a computer... not just a a mobo and a hard drive and call it a day .. im talking about a fully working computer windows XP and monitor, wireless internet also!

    **problems** car, yet so right now im in the planning stage

    Rip out everything on the front (radio, ac/heat,vents) hopefully vents wont need to be removed ( since they will most likely be at the top...

    okay lets get this straightened out now ... like i said NO CAR as of yet NO CAR idea so now your asking HOW IS HE GOING TO SHOW PICTURES? okay heres the thing. im using my temp car... ( my moms car ) as a template... i know it will not look the same but its a start and i will run into the same problems its inevitable. im not sure y the images are blurred i didnt take them! i just looked up the car on auto trader so..

    this is only plan A ill add the rest soon.

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    Master modder presents!

    Use mini Itx and a big battery, and hope to god it works? Lol, both computers and screens draw quite a bit of power.

    anyway, computers in the car are very big insurance issues, and you probably won't be allowed to get any since it's such a liability (looking at the screen while driving = boom crash dead). SOOO, without car insurance, you're not allowed to drive in a vast majority of states, and I personally recommend against it. There's always a damn good reason that you're denied for car insurance.

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    Master modder presents!

    i was actually only worried about moisture, computer frezes and than gets warmed up again will be wasted and i could probably find a better use of space

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    Master modder presents!

    I believe there was a mod like this, They used a mac mini PC and a DVD player that flips out. looked pretty cool. Ive seen people fit Mini ITX machines in their glove boxes.

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    Master modder presents!

    ya i was thinking that i seen it looked kinda difficult but it had lots of explanation to it so it didnt see that hard, i don't know i guess i just want ALOT of music space and sumthing kool looking.

    i also been thinking about doing leds all at the bottem of the inside of the car... what do u thinking about that?

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    Master modder presents!

    not bad, tho I'd hide 3mm or SMD LED's under the carpet around the top of ur car and maybe use multicolored or 3-color ultrabright LEDs

    (I'll post a pic of those LEDs later, not home atm)

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    Master modder presents!

    under the carpet around the top of ur car

    i dont have carpet on my roof? lol i dont understand

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