Pictures coming shortly. I will be starting out with all of the equipment that has been donated. This is a fully sponsored case. This entire case will be put together using parts that were donated to me for the express purpose of creating a computer that will blow the doors off of the competition, and make for an exceptional item to be auctioned off to benefit the Dallas Stars Foundation.

All of the parts were donated to help this project and eventually, the children of North Texas. This case will be auctioned off at the Dallas Stars Casino night in March. *ALL* proceeds from this case will go to the charity. The vendors have dontated their parts, and I am donating my time to create a very special case that will hopefully open up wallets and earn the Foundation a good chunk of money and give some lucky bidder the one of the most incredible computers ever built!

This case is going to be a vicious hockey case!!!

this is a placeholder... right now... for what will be a most EXCELLENT Dallas Stars case!

Stay tuned for rapid updates!