The meaning of computer hardware. Hardware (hardware) means the devices that make up a computer. Looks like a structure that can be seen by the eyes and touch (tangible) such as monitors, keyboards, printers, mice, etc., which can be divided into various parts. According to the work characteristics, there are 4 units which are Central Processing Unit (CPU), Input Unit, Output Unit, Secondary Storage. Each device has different functions. Different as follows
1. Central processing unit (CPU)
Central processing unit (CPU: Central Processing Unit), also known as a microprocessor Responsible for data processing In the form of calculations and comparisons Which will work at the exact timing Called the Clock signal when one stroke is knocked. There will be 1 event. We call the unit Used to measure the speed of the CPU that "Herzt" means how many times it can run in 1 second. For example, the Pentium4 CPU has a 2.5 GHz speed, which means 2.5 million times as fast as a second. If the Clock is fast, it will cause that computer. With high speeds as well CPU that runs very fast The price will be much more expensive as well. The purchase must be purchased to suit the work that needs to be used. Like wanting to use graphics That has a lot of processing The need to use a machine with fast processing. For general report printing, using the machine at the speed of 100 MHz is sufficient.
2. Data entry unit (Input Unit)
The input unit (Input Unit) is responsible for entering data into the computer. Devices that are responsible for data entry Enter the computer, including keyboard for typing letters and characters, mouse for clicking programs Scanner for scanning images, joysticks for playing games Microphone for speaking and recording And digital cameras for taking pictures And put in to keep On the disk of the computer For further use Follow more information at>>slotxo