Now the word Information technology Or simply referred to as IT, it is often used extensively. Almost all circles see almost all the importance of information technology. Or maybe more than the world of the IT era In fact That information technology Consists of the word technology and the word information together, each with the following meaning

1. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to benefit Production-related Creating action methods And including various devices That does not exist in the natural world of this era of technology Allowing humans to receive facilities from technology applied to their daily lives.

2. Information is the result of processing raw data (Raw data) by collecting raw data from various sources. And brought through the processing Whether it is organizing information Sorting data Calculation and conclusion After that it is presented in the form of a report suitable for use that is beneficial to human life. Such as daily life, news, academic and business knowledge

When the word technology and information are combined Therefore summarize the overall meaning that Information Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to manage the information required. By using new technology tools Such as computer technology Telecommunication and communication network technology As well as knowledge in the information process in various steps Since the pursuit Storage analysis Including the management, dissemination and exchange of information as well In order to increase efficiency, accuracy, accuracy and speed to be able to be utilized. Can follow the pattern here slotxo