How to create Facebook Avatars, a new feature for creating Avatars, cartoon characters for us. Is a new feature that Facebook has created itself, actually starting to use before anyone else in the world Is in the United States of America. Let's see how to create Facebook Avatars on facebook apps

How to create Facebook Avatars. Create our own Avatars on Facebook.
- Start by opening the facebook app on iOS or Android, then tapping the 3 stroke icon on most facebook apps in the bottom right corner of the app
- Then tap See More >> and select "Avatars" (which is currently released). Tap "Next" then select "Get Started".
- Start creating Avatar on our Avatars Facebook page. Choose face, nose, skin as you wish. If you are not satisfied, then back and can change to anything.
- When you're done, you're satisfied with the Avatars look, tap the check mark in the top right corner and select NEXT and select Done.

Get your own avatar and get various Avatars Sticker. Can share Avatars on facebook immediately.

Mark Zuckerberg also shared his own avatar created with Facebook Avatars. Now, see an example of Avatars usage in US Facebook users. Before expanding services globally soon

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