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Thread: Philips PH805 Bluetooth Headset

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    Philips PH805 Bluetooth Headset

    From the main site...
    Philips is not a name normally associated with high-end headsets. The company makes everything from light bulbs and television sets to baby bottles and soup makers, and their audio products are presented on their site the same way any other commodity might be. This makes the list of features claimed by the Philips PH805 headset …
    - Post Philips PH805 Bluetooth Headset appeared first on Modders-Inc. #moddersinc #voidyourwarranty #casemods


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    Wow, this wireless handset looks awesome. I owned Philips HD monitor, LED but never knew about these headphones. Right now I already have an awesome handset that I purchased from verifiedcouponcode. But in future, I will definitely buy this one!

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    How on Earth are they claiming Hi-Res audio with only SBC??

    SBC supports up to 48 kHz. The codec does not have bitrate limitations, although manufacturers usually use maximum bit rates of 342 kbit/s for mono and 345 kbit/s for stereo streams.

    It has to have LDAC, aptX or LHDC for Hi-Res audio certification (24bits, optional 96khz)

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