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Thread: Paint style question

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    Paint style question

    Hello everyone, Locust here.
    I am going to be painting hte inside of my pc case when I get it *In May prolly* and I have a question or two on how to paint it the way I want it.

    I am undecided on what style I want, so I will ask both questions:
    How can I get a really glossy look, slick and clean. Is there a guide somewhere, can you explain? Thanks.

    How can I get a, in your opionon, rugged look to the paint job, like, a gamer rugged look. Guide, explain? ^^ Thanks.


    PS, clear paint, clear coats, are just for protection or for a gloss look as well?

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    Paint style question

    1) one of the best paint guides i've seen: Check the timing between coats/buffings, that's critical.
    2) By rugged you mean: a) rough, texturized surface with even color? there are spray texturized paints; b) worn/rusty/etc look? that's usually achieved with airbrush techniques (i've seen some impressive russian mods with that kind of finish)

    PS: clear coating is for both protection AND glossier finish.

    hope that helps.

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