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Thread: mother board and case...

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    mother board and case... This is my mobo ... hey mobo ... okay will this fit in
    the mobo is small but im thinking not small enough

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    mother board and case...

    Can't tell what case that is? Have a model name or link?

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    mother board and case...

    Alright, I did some searching on newegg.. Assuming that it's this case:
    which is identical to that one in a diff color, no it won't fit.

    The case is micro ATX format and the mobo is ATX format.

    In the link, read the title of the case - says micro atx
    In the link you gave, scroll down a bit. Under Form Factor it says ATX

    The mobo is too big.

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    mother board and case...

    now im all for the micro stuff but if i down size will it be a downgrade? - - smaller = less of a computer ? or can i get same power out of micro comptuers as i do reg size?

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    mother board and case...

    Generally the MicroATX does not mean you will have less of a computer (performance wise). It is smaller so there things that are limited. Most current MicroATX boards have minimal IDE connections (1 instead of 2 for example). They also have less expansion slots available. I am currently running a EVGA MicroATX board with SLI'd vid cards and a FX57 processor.

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