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    S T U D I O
    - Liquid EVOLUTION -

    So,... for those who don't know, I am TribalOverkill and this is my LiquiD EvolutioN
    worklog. Here you will find ALL my LiquiD EvolutioN designs.

    If you should see something you like and want to try and make it yourself
    by all means go for it. You do not need to ask. That goes the same with my pictures.
    If you want to use ANY of them, just take them! I post them for you.

    If you need help or advice with it or anything, contact me. Please. I will be glad to
    help you. My job is to design new innovative stuff and in the process, inspire you
    If I am not inspiring,... that means I'm not doing my job.

    So, read through this worklog, enjoy, and get with the MODDING! I command you!

    HA HA HA!

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    looking forward to seeing your work tribaloverkill and welcome to modders-inc.

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    Welcome to MI, we have a great bunch of members here and most have talent running out their ears. I have read about some of your work and I'm very impressed with what you can do. So we as a group are happy to have you aboard. Welcome and Happy Modding to ya.

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    Thanks guyz! good to be here! This is a nice moddin site!!! I love it! I'm going to start posting all my work here very soon to get this site caught up. Till then,... peace.

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    Welcome Tribaloverkill...again. The staff that run Modders-Inc use to be over at CMG.

    Modders-Inc is really growing fast and we are glad you came!

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    I'm glad I came. This place is nice. Good job! Well,... here we go!

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    WHATS UP PEOPLE!!! Gawd,... I can't believe I am posting this!!! Anyways,... for now, I will be focusing on watercooling accessories and parts. The first accessory/ part I want ot work with is RESERVOIRS baby!!! Yea. So,... this reservoir I am working on now doesn't really have a name yet but "Sentinel" has crossed my mind. This reservoir will have shields! Just to let you guyz know,... theres goign to to be alot of shields/ panels going on The cool thing about this reservoir is that the contents spins,... along with a UV green coil on the inside To the pictures!!!!


    So,... I gotta big tube. LOL. It's OD is 2.5" and it has a 1/4" wall. Huge.

    I used a hacksaw to cut a piece off thats about 5" long. I am shooting to get this piece to 4.5". It's has to be absolutely straight because it will be crooked as hell

    I taped it off so I don't scratch it up.

    This is my table sander,... I LOVE THIS THING!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA! Watch,...

    WHAM!!! Done,... straight as hell! I used the 6" circular sander on the side the the table/ slider "thing". I gentally spun it grinding it away. Easy. Almost to easy!

    Check out the finish. I know the pic is a bit blurred,.. my camera is all that great. Just bare with me on it. The surface you see is slightly melted because the grit on the paper was kind of small. You want it to be kind of coarse so that it cuts and scrapes away the acrylic instead of rubbing it off. But, this will do!

    Check this out,... this is the freaky part. eaxctly 4.5". I nailed it,... and I wasn't even pay any mind to it. I was just focused on getting it straight. I just so happened to stop right on 4.5". Couldnt believe it.
    2005_xPO352r/Nov-08-2005/Nov-08-2005_8-160.jpg" alt="" />

    Huge sheet of 1/4" thick acrylic. This is only half of the sheet too.

    I cut off a small piece and began taping it up.

    Marked and ready for drilling,... to the press.

    I love this press. Very cool.

    Very nice. Flawless.

    Notice the countersink

    So yea. So far so good Next,....

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    UPDATE!!! LOL. Check em out,...


    Trimmed away some of the tape so it wouldnt cake up the sanding wheel. It's proved to be pointless. I dont cut it away like this anymore.

    See how it's melting the acrylic? After I replaced the sanding disc with one thats a bit more coarse this stopped. The melted portions easily snapped off,... it's not like it was a problem.

    Done. This isn't it's finished size. Just a general fit.

    Now, this is one huge piece of acrylic. A 2'x4'@3/4" thick,... yea. Heavy as hell.

    I gto a nice paralelle clamp to help hold stuff on the press. I dont use it as much as I thought I would. You'll see later why.

    Clamped the clamp dow to the press table. Would ok but the paralelle clamp kind of bows when you wrench down on something that isnt evenly placed within its grasp.

    Grinding down the 3/4" the same way I did the 1/4". I love this thing.

    Snow. This stuff is annoying. It's like sand except this stuff clings to you.
    ov-09-2005/Nov-09-2005_11-160.jpg" alt="" />

    Ok,... top and bottom piece cut to their general sizes.


    A 120mm fan to get you an idea of it's size.

    Tomorrow I will post another update and I will be working on it too. till then Keep watching Oh,... I will be working on Blackout soon too. No worries.

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    HEY I'm goign to post 4 updates because they are all pretty much of the same thing. I was having trouble and had to remake this particular part a couple of times. What you see here is old methods when I was first playing around with it. I have it figured out now and it's so much easier to do what you are about to see. To the pictures away!!!


    Ok,... this is a picture I had drawn to help figure out how I was going to spin the contents of the reservoir. As you can see I was running into some trouble.

    I began farting around,... theres two aux ports and 2 for I/ O spinning. You can cap off the spinning ports and use the aux ports for I/ O without spin. But wheres the fun in that? I meant the aux ports to be used for temp probes and LEDs.

    Drilling on an angle. This was flat out crappy. I couldnt tell how far down I had to go. Plus at this point I forgot that the drill press table tilts, DOH! This is suppose to be a spin port.

    Came out nice though

    Drilled through the side to the previously drilled tunnel. i was off by a bit. Hard to do, very hard. I knew that I wasn't going to go this route because #1. This is a hard procedure and #2. To much turbulance inside that tunnel. I needed a btter way.

    Here's the sweet tap and die sets I got Got them cheap as hell!!! Titanium coated baby! Oh yea. I have a get another set with smaller taps and dies.

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    Now,... this is what I came up with. Ultimately I wanted the barbs to be recessed so that I could hide them with some shields. Thats another reason why I wasnt going to go with the other way in the last update. This way is easy to repeat, one drilling straight through. the barbs are recessed on a downward angle. The reason for the angle,... to help recess and so that I dont have to cut out the inside of a 3/4" - 1" puck to get the contents to spin. In my opinion this is the best by to do this with what I have to do it

    Using the disc sander and the table slanted at 45 degrees,... I checked it with a special ruler/ guage. You guyz know how anal I am,... can't trust the sticker used on the machine! LOL. It's actually like 45.5 - 46 degrees I think. Not sure but close. ANYWAYS,... this is an old way to do it too. Its very hard to hold the pcuk in place and even. I ended up clamping a board to the table to keep the puck from being pulling to the side or even thrown! So now all I have to do is make sure that it remians flat on the table and even. I swear,... I sander the mark in half. The accuracy is amazing. Again,... cut just before the mark and then sand/ file to the mark for accuracy Tip of the day LOL. Seriousy though, thats how you do it.

    Finished. HOW SICK IS THAT!!!!!

    Hell yea! This is it baby!!!

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