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Thread: Thing (addams family)

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    Thing (addams family)

    I started my ripping apart the case this case had rivets and the only logical thing i came up with at the time was to take a hammer to it... mans key tool needed for disassembly:lol: it may be a slow progress but it's comming along

    full 360 of the computer

    Tools Used

    whats been done

    okay so i plan on using the outter shell of the case to make a box to put the computer in (and than put the box in the foam(aka the palm of the hand))

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    Thing (addams family)

    Is the chassis white? I'm curious to understand how you actually removed a rivet with a hammer... And I don't think any of us here consider a hammer a man's tool more than a Dremel. A hammer can be used by a monkey; I wouldn't trust a monkey with a Dremel.

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    Thing (addams family)

    I am sure that it was all that he had and it was pretty smart to use a hammer and a chisel. Probably took a steady handy not to put a hole in the case.

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    Thing (addams family)

    the dremel tool i had took a spill hit the floor pretty hard and havent gotten a new one since i actually took the hammer and the chisel put the chisel right above the rivet and BAM! no more Rivet

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    Thing (addams family)

    Cool it got the job done and thats what counts..

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    Thing (addams family)

    If it worked that's what counts. Another way if you have a drill and bits is to drill them out. So there are many ways to skin that cat. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Thing (addams family)

    if you take alook a the FRONTAL view of the case you'll see more rivets. ill have to take thoes off carefully most likely using a drill. well thats whats seems to work in my mind. ne other ideas ( 1st pic, top 8 rivets

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