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    New Build

    Hey everyone , this is going to be my first mod. It's going to be a water cooled screamer when I'm done, but I thought you'd like to see how it got there. I'm not an expert so any advice would be appreciated.
    The case I'm starting with is an Aopen server case that I paid $40:00 for. I'm going to mod the crap out of it and I hope everyone will bear with me as I work my way through this. This is what I started with:

    I've done quite a bit of work since then, but it's still in progress.
    It's taking me alot longer than i thought it would but it's well worth it , and I'll post my progress from the beginning. Just give me some time to get everything in the propper sequence. You won't be dissapointed.

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    New Build

    cant wait to see how it comes out,good luck

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    New Build

    The first thing I did was cut out my fan holes. You'll notice that it's already painted , that is because I don't have any pics beforehand.
    I cut out the 80 mm hard drive fan holes using a 3 inch metal hole saw.

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    New Build

    Marzie That is one huge sucker of a case and looking forward to reading and following your efforts. Nice fan covers btw.

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    New Build

    The next thing I did was to cut out the front of the frame to accomadate the placemant of two 120 mm fans connected to the radiator. These would be blowing out of the case towards the front.

    BTW- the fans I'm using are Silenx fans to keep the noise down. I'm trying to keep this rig as quiet as possible.

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    New Build

    Thanks DicKspLash,
    Yeah it's a big bitch, but I'm not sure if I'm going to fit everything in there as it is. I'm going to have to get creative just to fit my pump in there. It's not going to fit on the floor of the case because the video cards are going to be in the way. Probably going to have to hang it somewhere. But I've got a plan....I hope.

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    New Build

    looking good cant wait to see it all done keep up the good work right now i am working on my girlfriends computer i am painting it right now and the adding a window and lights and i am also working on a small old computer case turning it into a a xbox case i am reworking the front pannel to hold the ports and the power button

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    New Build

    Any updates to this mod?

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    New Build

    Will update shortly. It's almost finnished but I've had a creative block on the front pannel. :roll:

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