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Thread: Etching.....any guides out there? no! but i did find one!

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    Etching.....any guides out there? no! but i did find one!

    ok i was thinking i duno about anyone else but has anyone else seen a etching guide? no? same i went out onto the world wide web and searched for one well to my disapointment...i found only one but it was in german....anyways i managed to recreate it for my own personal use as a English version (although i lost it due to a windows reload) but even if i did find it again, i cant go distrubuting it out everywhere as
    1.its not my guide could be copywrited
    3.its unfair on the talented guy who did this!
    why? well cos he managed to make 3 different colours in it which yea were all lite up at the same time, he bassically used 3 bits of 5mm plexi and put em behind each other now thats what i call brains! yea i was thinking about doing that to my leaping dragon mod but i think i will try it out soon...well a test anyway. so enough of what im saying has anyone else come across this mod? its
    2.from pinky and the brain its pinky!
    so anyone got any ideas? or does anyone wanna do a guide? i think it would be a brill idea for a guide to etching on here at modders-inc....

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    Etching.....any guides out there? no! but i did find one!

    If you look thru Krystals Plexi Basics Guide there is a small part about etching and what bits to use.

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    Etching.....any guides out there? no! but i did find one!

    sorry for the link to another forum but here is a good one Etching

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