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Thread: link to modders-inc

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    link to modders-inc

    I'd just like to ask if there's a picture around 88x31 pixels big (logo) of modders-inc that I could put on my website in the links section?

    I opened a thread because this might be good for other people to know too


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    link to modders-inc

    we should have a contest to design the coolest one. just a thought because i am looking for one too.

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    The Main Man Dewayne's Avatar
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    link to modders-inc

    We do have a few available, but not the size you are asking for. We can make something if need be.

    Here is what we have

    A logo contest might be a great idea. We thought that some one was making us one, but I think we got dumped. :-(

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    link to modders-inc bottom of the page.

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    Wet Sanded
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    link to modders-inc

    88x31 is pretty specific for such an oddball size. any reason you picked that one? (Besides that it would fit your site)

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    link to modders-inc

    88X31 is the some what of a standard for a web button. its really about preference.

    Americanfreak, you should start a thread for a contest. I think it would be cool to see what all the modders come up with.

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    link to modders-inc

    well the fact about size is that every page that I wanted to put in my links section already has a button in size of 88x31 pixels :P (you can go and look on my site for a few examples)

    and sure, why not the contest? :P
    we'd just need the fonts and from wich red to wich black goes the gradient


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    link to modders-inc

    I'm for a modders inc logo design contest.

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    link to modders-inc

    Yeah Yeah

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    link to modders-inc

    i'm always down for a contest.

    oh yeah for any one that knows me or cares, hi i'm back. long time no see.

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