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Thread: Tribal Server

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    Tribal Server

    i had origionally posted this at my own site but i'm thinking it's looking good enough to share, lol.

    Alright guys i have a new project. Now i'm expecting to take only 1 day but who knows, things never like to work out all nice like that, lol.

    The victim is an old server i have, it's 700mhz, but it's a rackmount so i've always thought it looked cool. I keep it just for folding and network storage.

    Heres some shots of it in action...

    Now the plan is, if i make it look like it can go fast then maybe it'll feel liek it's going fast, lol

    I plan to take my handy dremel and cut this into the top of it.

    The pic is kinda fuzy, but you get the rough idea. Tomorrow i'm gonna etch the design onto the case, then start cutting, give it a coat of paint to hide the edges properly, and put some plexi underneath it. I sadly dont have any spare cathodes otherwise i'd engrave the plexi as well to really show it off.

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    Tribal Server

    I'm pretty proud, i got a good amount of work done today. It could have been more and i was hoping to finish but i needed to make a trip to the hardware store for more supplies.

    Heres a bit of progression of making the cuts...

    I ended up using all my cutting discs. I wore them pretty much all the way down, lol. But as they got smaller it did make some of those smaller cuts alot easier to navigate.

    It's pretty rough right now. Tomorrow i'm hoping to finish it up and smooth out the edges. Then i'm gonna give it a fresh coat of paint and fix the plexi behind it. I'm really tempted though to try my hand at some sweet engraving work, but who knows.

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    Tribal Server

    Well it's nothing to big, i'm nearly finished cutting the dragon. I did a little more then this pic but stupid camera batteries died right after i took the pic. I could finish today but i'm not to motivated on it right now.

    but tomorrow or maybe later today i'll finish my cuts, then touch it up and it some new paint, then all i have left is mounting the plexi if i dont decide to etch a design into the plexi. i'm really considering that, but i dont think i'd do to well on it sadly.

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    Tribal Server

    wow nice pic! have anything similar that Ic ould use? :P

    and lol bout the discs :P

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    Tribal Server

    Off to a good start faceless105

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    Tribal Server

    great idea and not to many modders server rack cases are modded either.

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    Tribal Server

    man i love rackmount cases. nothing looks cooler and more hightech to me then those things. haha, this thing is completly ancient but i'm going to hold onto it prolly for the rest of my life. lol i even have the mobo still from the first comp i built, amd Slot A, not much can heat a house like that thing could

    but tomorrow i'm gonna finish up the cutting and start the cleanup work

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    Tribal Server

    Finished up the cutting today. I still need to clean it up but I think it's lookin pretty good. I'm also considering adding onto the body of the dragon. I'm taking a break for now, but I'm plannint to get this thing completly cleaned up and painted tonight.

    As for the plexi I'm devided between leaving it clear, frosting it, and etching what a dragons body would look like into it.


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    Tribal Server

    That looks sweet man. Im impressed. My free handing with a dremel sucks.

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    Tribal Server

    i must say im a big dragon fan hench my mod but this is cool! nice work with the dremel!

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