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Thread: Motherboard Mounting Question

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    Motherboard Mounting Question

    I have this case that I have been working on for the better part of a year and a half. Here it is to help you visualize the problem:

    It's an old Compu Add case that used to hold an 8088 (10 MHz w/Turbo!) board.

    I went to install the new mobo and stuff this morning to finally finish it, when I hit a little snag:

    The top will be sitting on the sound and video cards. This is probably not the ideal situation.

    My question is: can I remove the brass standoffs and cover the mobo tray with something and mount the mobo directly to the tray without having any issues?

    The only alternative would be to remove the mobo rails altogether:

    I don't really want to do this as the chassis is finished.

    Any ideas guys?


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    Motherboard Mounting Question

    Hmm, you could use some small screws and either some rubber or plastic hose to go over the screws to make the stand offs any size you want. It would go ....screw thru MB, home made spacer over screw on the underside or the MB, and then screw it to the rails.

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    Motherboard Mounting Question

    yup i agree with AF thats what i would do aswell

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    Motherboard Mounting Question

    The rails don't line up with the mobo holes. It's a regular MATX board.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Motherboard Mounting Question

    As a direct answer to your question, no you can't put the mobo flush on the panel. It would short the circuits and capacitors would be likely to explode and your psu would burn out taking everything with them. You can shield it by using a lot of materials, but that's why the stand offs are there.

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    Motherboard Mounting Question

    I have used a felt pad before, but it was a trashy mobo that i didnt care about. I wouldnt recommend using it for anything important.

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    Motherboard Mounting Question

    no you can't put the mobo flush on the panel.
    Yes, I understand that. I was just looking for suggestions as to what material to use.

    I will be trying out Liquid Electrical Tape on both the bottom of the mobo and the top of the tray. Too bad about the brass tray that I cut...

    Thanks guys!

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    Motherboard Mounting Question

    I would rip out those two rails, and if you still need to get the motherboard as close as possible to the bottom, place a sheet of that anti-static foam in there (maybe two sheets); this is the stuff you sometimes get in the motherboard box. You could use just the anti-static plastic sheeting too, but as you screw down the motherboard you risk shorting the solder connections on the bottom of the motherboard to the case. There are several heights of motherboard standoffs too, and perhaps you are using tall standoffs rather than the shorter ones.

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    Motherboard Mounting Question

    Its pretty much AF's way and no other way. I'd personally just rip out the rails because they dont seems to serve much purpose but thats just me. GL with it

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    Motherboard Mounting Question

    The problem has been solved. I should have posted earlier.

    The rails are needed to elevate the board so the cards line up with the PCI slots in the case. Also, I had already done some extensive modding of the back of the case in order to handle a more modern mobo I/O. And most of the WM plan depended on having an elevated mobo to run wires underneath.

    What I did was cover the bottom of the mobo in liquid electrical tape. I also covered the top of the mobo tray that I had cut out of brass with more LET. Before doing that, I had to cut a hole in the tray so the heat sink mounting bracket would fit.

    Doing this caused another problem. Part of the railing interferred with the heat sink bracket, and needed to be removed. This truly sucked as the chassis was "finished."

    I felt like a surgeon...

    It was a major PITA to say the least.

    In the end though, everything worked, and the project is damn near done. I am only waiting on some heatspreaders. Once they get here, I'll do a final polish and a little more WM and it'll be done.

    I'll post the final pics in the gallery.

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