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Thread: Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    Split you got something bugging you? You seem awfully irritable lately.

    You can easily tell that sni9er wasn't trying to imply anything with his post.

    I started to reply to this ? this morning but had to make a unplanned unscheduled trip to the hospital for a family member.

    So my reply for it.

    Doing 2 fans on one switch is relatively easy. Simply cut the heat shrink off the circuit board and there is room to plug in a second fans light source. Doing this does cause for the two fans to show a little dimmer than if on their own.

    The circuit board.



    The above shows running two fans off of the same switch without any modification other than removing the heat shrink to get to the other plug. The swtich also has a 2nd side to it which I think could be wired up for a second set of fans totaling four fans on the same switch. I will look into aquiring the fans to try it and see how it works.

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    I too was just fooling around. I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings. I wasn't trying to be a A*shole, just ribbing you some. I apologize and I won't do it again.

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    No way guys. It's totally alright. I've just got a few too many problems with my family lately. Sorry I over reacted, em3bilkos comment just pushed me a little too far. No problem em3bilko, and I hope this doesn't deter you from making those funny little comments about how I don't like reading long posts and ask for a summary.

    Sni9er, I'm sorry, none of that anger was really directed toward you. Again, sorry.

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    Hope your problems at home will ease up some for you. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    I'm a bit late on this but I have to add my opinion.

    I recieved a pair of these a while back, they are good fans not too loud, good airflow and they've lasted quite a while. However I've had issues with the switch and the mounting plate.

    First problem I had was that the mounting plate for the switch not only looked bad(bent and a few scratches), but it barely held the switch down, infact it held mine down by the switch's circuit board.

    Second problem I had with the switch itself, I do not recommend switching between colors alot.
    Reason 1.) if you use the switch too much or change colors too quick the metal contacts will shift and have to be re-adjusted (which is a pain cause the contacts are small and fragile.)
    Reason 2.)The mounting plate isnt so great and doesn't get alot of hold on the switch and with constant use you might damage or destroy the switch's circuit board because of the constant use.

    Third Problem well not really a problem but it annoys me, the reflective coating on one of my fans flaked off after a while.

    My 120mm lost its lights because the switch broke and I ended up taking the 80mm's switch of the mounting plate to prevent any damage to it

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    I like those fans. I like the fact that the blades are black and not clear and the colors seem more subdued. At lest in the photos in contrast to the clear fans. I'm getting more into subtle lighting lately. The wiring doesn't bother me as I usually extend mine as needed anyways to hide it.

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