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Thread: Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    Fans are a part of everyones computers. Without cooling fans things in the computer would come to a scorching halt in a hurry. Today we are going to take a look at Bluegears latest fan the B-Flexi. The B-Flexi is similar in design to their B-Ice fans. The major difference that the B-Flexi brings to the table is a four position switch (Off, Red, Blue, and Green) that allows you to change the color of the LEDs on the fan.

    Read the full review here.

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    What is the moddability of these things? Can you put the switches for 3 of these into one switch?
    sorry if you said it, I read it quickly.

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    think what he means is there is 1 switch with four modes ...

    Mode 1 (Off)

    Mode 2 (On-colour 1)

    Mode 3 (On-colour 2)

    Mode 4 (On-colour 3)

    hope my crappy lil diagrams cleared it up for ya splitlip

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    You got it sni9er! Now if we could get some people to slow down when reading then maybe, not saying that it will happen, but maybe then they will understand things better. Ha ha ha ha ha ha

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    I like your use of the word "maybe" lol .. i guess .. stranger things can happen ...

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    Yeah, uh, not what I meant at all. I'm not blind ya know. I meant if you have 3 fans each with a four way switch, can you attach them to each other. that makes your comments all the more dumb. (You got it! [followed by implicative insult])

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    ah that makes Alot more sense hehe, my bad, my apologies

    and don't think that would be to hard I'd guess, as from what i could see from it the led connections were separate from the fan power , but not sure would have to look a little more closly

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    to connect all 4 paralell? shouldn't be a problem..

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    hence me asking Tazz, not you two. Unless you two have them. Do you?

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    Bluegears B-Flexi Case Fans

    hey look i said I'm sorry what more do you want ..., was a simple error wasnt ment insultingly .. if it were and insult i wouldnt have spent my time trying to explain it with the diagram ..

    once again I'm sorry

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