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Thread: Using a Laptop LCD?

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    Using a Laptop LCD?

    I have asked this so many times on so many forums it isnt funny but you seem like a smart bunch.

    I have the laptop LCD, I have the motherboard. How the hell can I get it converted to a regular graphics card output? I have not done heaps of modding things, mainly several power supplies, few cases and smaller things but am not scared at giving this a go because I have two LCD's sitting in a drawer lol

    I have heard it is possible but very expensive to buy some fang wang converter cards for it, I was wondering if anyone here has ever done this sort of thing alone armed with a solder and a modding brain?

    I also dont have any power supply for the laptop mobo so what sort of power do they need and is there an alternative to getting a new one? The laptops in question were old Pentium 2's, a Dell one and I think the other is a Compaq.

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    Using a Laptop LCD?

    well what you've heard about needing the converter is right. they do get pricey as well. The best place i've been for some detailed tech questions like wiring and such is they dont know as much about modding as they do electronics there, maybe they can give you a better answer.

    as far as powering it, those adapters get pretty crazy in stores for their price, but check ebay, it may sound stupid but you can generally find those for real cheap and made just for your laptop model most the time.

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    Using a Laptop LCD?

    Thanks but thats exaclty what I dont want to hear :twisted:

    Does anyone know what volts the power supplies output so I can try some other way?

    As for the screen I will contact them guys you linked me to when I get the chance. But there HAS to be another way, a home-made way lol that doesnt involve money...

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    Using a Laptop LCD?

    I am pretty sure the brick supplies 12v power, and then the power distribution circuit on the mobo supplies the 5v and 3.3v to the components. Im not sure though... if you can get a pick of the original power supply, or even better, the specifications off of the manufacturer's manual/website...

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    Using a Laptop LCD?

    Lap LCDs are cheap... the boards to run the LCD screen are $$$. the LCD converter itself can use molex power not a lot of draw, you may have to watch the LED or CCFL inverter is n't pulling too much but if you have the original that is on the Screen your in good shape.

    If your still interested in a converter board search google for "LCD converter" or "LCD screen converter". there are several sites for inventors and enthuseist with pinouts, parts, PDF datasheetsand even forums.

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    Using a Laptop LCD?

    Thanks, will try and look around.

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    Using a Laptop LCD?

    I found this article on using a screen from a old laptop at Bit-Tech. Here is a link to the article for ya. Bit-Tech Hope this helps you out. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Using a Laptop LCD?

    Holy shit man! (Can I swear here?) That is exactly what I was looking for, thankyou sooo much.

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    Using a Laptop LCD?

    Can you translate the Dutch for me? I too have a 10.4 inch screen from a old Toshiba Laptop that I would love to be able to use. I have everything from the laptop also. I just couldn't make heads or tails from the Dutch article.

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    Using a Laptop LCD?

    Haha I am trying to look through what they have already tried to translate, otherwise I will do it word by word if I have to.

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