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Thread: Dual PSU Q

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    Dual PSU Q

    If I had my second PSU hijacking one ground and that green wire in the molex of the first PSU (and first one connected normally to mobo), when I turn my PC on, both power supllies will come on, but if I shut it down will both go off?

    If not do I have to hijack the entier molex lol?

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    Dual PSU Q

    nope thats exactly right, the green and any ground need to be crossed. I actually have a guide on it written here (as well as a few other sites),

    but it explains exactly what your doing. Any questions jsut lemme know. i cant promise any timly responses with school starting up again, but hit me up on my site (in the sig) if you need any more help, i check there daily.

    I'd love to see some shots inside once you get it all rigged up, i posted a few pics in my log of my machine

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    Dual PSU Q

    Thanks alot man. Any more Q's and I will ask for sure, this is more of a research sort of thing for a future mod, nothing soon but when I get there I will post it here.

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    Dual PSU Q

    well in that case i definatly reccomend the molex connectors to connect the two PSUs as it will keep them reusable for other purposes such as test PSUs or let them come back to being single PSUs easily enough

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