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    Horror Mod

    so, I have been working on this horror themed mod. here is the mobo side panel

    the other side panel, the mouth is the fan hole. no grill just a place to stick your fingers in to get bit.

    and another shot before it was painted.

    the front bezel

    and another shot of the front

    still lots to do on it but this is the beginning.

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    Horror Mod

    Looking good so far P

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    Horror Mod

    Awesome work P keep up the great work.

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    Horror Mod

    Wow, I really like the front bezel. I can't wait to see it finished.

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    Horror Mod

    That is looking really Sweet P
    Keep us updated.

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    Horror Mod

    just a small update since i haven't much time lately but I want to get this completed so.

    Here i have a pic of the now painted teeth. that pic is in the dark showing the glow in the dark fangs.

    and I notice i didn't have light coming through that panel showing the outline of the face so here it is.

    will be adding a blowhole in the top of the case and finishing the painting soon.then see what i can do about stealthing the drives and adding lighting. in case some of you noticed that some of the painting isn't perfect, it is on purpose. I want it to have a bit of a ripple effect to continue with the horror theme rather than a nice smooth perfect paint.

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    Horror Mod

    I hope that mouth has a good big fan over it!!!!

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    Horror Mod

    I am putting a 90mm fan right behind the mouth so people can come over and stick fingers into it. I won't be adding a grill over the top so fingers beware. Hmmm... I was just thinking I better not walk towards my computer naked. EVER.

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    Horror Mod

    Looks sweet!Especially the monster.I really like the resident evil zombie.good job so far :twisted:

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    Horror Mod

    That pic with the teeth glowing almost looks like a alien mouth from the movie aliens.
    I like, nice job

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