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Thread: Goliath 2007

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    Goliath 2007

    Welll hello again, i was content with the cabling and i needed a new PSU, so heres my current internal layout with new cable routing etc etc, many cable ties were harmed in the making of these pictures ...

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    Goliath 2007

    what it used to look like .....

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    Goliath 2007

    What a change, looks very clean now. Congrats to a job well done. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Goliath 2007

    Almost wireless :P

    Sweet lookin' PC


    NOOO... NO CABLES.. NOOOOOOOO *cries* :P just joking :P

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    Goliath 2007

    took me almost 2 hours planning and routing the wires lol ahd in about 3 different configurations befor i was happy lol

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    Goliath 2007

    That's a very nice system right there dude. What are those cards? 2 7900GTX's or GTO's?

    EDIT: lol my bad did not see the first pic.

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    Goliath 2007

    BFG's 7900 GTX's OC

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