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Thread: Goliath 2007

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    Goliath 2007

    Pics of myself and my main rig Goliath

    some random bum appears in one of the photos .. ignore him .. lol (hides)

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    Goliath 2007

    Goliath is my primary PC I regularly upgrade being my foremost hobby aside Playing Guitar. My previous rig was very OTT window panel billions of fans missile switches/with stupidly bright LEDs, custom cut vinyl, the works. However, I decided I wanted something more along the lines of strong and silent, and I find the whole process of building a computer a form of graphic design in itself. With this Rig I really wanted to emphasise clean lines and sharp edging with power, this was done with one of my favourite lian-li cases. It needed something more so I had a window panel cut (from over in America so the edging was re-anodized black), as rubber edging would simply not do, next was wall-mounting My Monitors on the wall this added to the sense of power I wanted, and aside lighting within the computer for the final touches it is all but done. For now...

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    Goliath 2007

    Clean looking unit you have there. If your like me, having dual monitors you'll never go back to single. What kind of cooling are you using on the graphic cards? Happy Modding to ya.

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    Goliath 2007

    I like Samsung :P

    Don't the lights bother you when you're playing?

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    Goliath 2007

    Ive Strategically positioned the lighting so its not in my direct line of sight so i only se the defused glow as i sit in my chair .. but still looks bright to standers by

    coolers on the GFX cards are BFGs Standard for the 7900GTX fan fins & pipes

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    Goliath 2007

    hehe nice

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    Goliath 2007

    I agree with emb. Very clean looking. well... maybe not the bum

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    Goliath 2007

    Thank you .. welll.. all my clean goes into my pc hehe

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    Goliath 2007

    Nice clean setup sni9er... Looks Great...

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    Goliath 2007

    *gets out all the crap that normaly ends up on ym desk after ive taken all the photos i need ahhhhhhh i mean *

    ah yes i always keep it to this high standard ...


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