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Thread: HDD clock!?

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    HDD clock!?

    Well I was searching the web for interesting gadgets when I found this:

    It's a HDD clock, a clock made of LEDs and an old HDD!

    Lookc cool hehe, have a look

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    HDD clock!?

    thats pretty cool. man i keep seeing that PIC controller popping up, must be pretty simple to use.

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    HDD clock!?

    yeah, I'd make one, probably put it into my computer for just display purposes, but it would be wickedawesome to have, maybe have a window in it so it looks like a working hdd?

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    HDD clock!?

    PICs are very easy to script and to use them

    At our school, we have robots (that run in the maze and get out) and they use PICs (tho, mine uses attiny2313 if anyone knows it :P)

    we use Bascom, wich is very simple to use

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