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Thread: Any Ideas?

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    Any Ideas?

    Hi again i need to ask a question and hoping someone on here can help me, The first mod that i done is deciding to turn itself on or restarts itself when it has been logged out a while, its kinda wierd lol and i dont know what is causing it!

    Any Ideas?

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    Any Ideas?

    if i am right when turns it self off it means the cpu is getting to hot and will shut and so try looking to make she the heat sink is on there right and the fan is working and if you have the right amount of thermal paste on the cpu and heat sink

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    Any Ideas?

    The computer turns itself on not off, it restarts sometimes not as often as it does turn itself on, I knew this mod had a problem with heat after i had finished it, I am waiting to get round to doing something about that in the next few weeks when i have got on and done some more to my current mod im doing, Which should be in the next couple of days!


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    Any Ideas?

    I have never seen one power itself on for no reason.
    I would check or replace the switch and check the wires and make sure the wires aren't getting pinched together someplace.
    Other than that the motherboard could have a short in it someplace.

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    Any Ideas?

    Ok thank you i will check them later when i get a bit of time spare.

    Thanks Again.

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    Any Ideas?

    Also, check your bios and make sure that it is not powering on by input devices (mice/keyboards almost always). If it is, the keyboard or mouse could have a short too, make it harder to diagnose the actual problem. Of course, it could be as simple as touching your keyboard by accident but that wouldn't explain the restarts.

    My dad's vaio restarts on its own because of heat issues. That doesn't necessarily mean that it is the physical heatware. My brother's laptop used to overheat and crash, not because of the heatsink, but because he had conflicting drivers that caused the pc to work too much and over heat, and subsequently die. Run some free versions or registry mechanic or any driver diagnostic tools.

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    Any Ideas?

    make sure the heatsink is seated correctly with the right amount of paste.

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