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Thread: good cpu temps?

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    good cpu temps?

    i'm gettin ready to fool around with some new fans and cpu cooler, and before i do it i just reinstalled some hw monitoring software and i wanted to know what are some good temps a cpu shoud run at?

    I have a p4 2.54gb cpu running approximatly at 46-46c and the fan is running at 6,000 RPM

    So i'm curious what you guys think? the case is pretty big but not to much cooling, 2 PSUs with their fans, 2 80mm exhaust, and a 120mm fan intake. So theres room for improvement from what my cube case provided, lol

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    good cpu temps?

    What software did you use? I'm looking for something too, tho SensorView didn't work on my hardware..

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    good cpu temps?

    mine came with some software, i have a soyo board and it has bundled software called smartguardian

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    good cpu temps?

    oh.. do you know for any software for MSI?

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    good cpu temps?

    not specifically, i know mothermoard monitor 5 was pretty big a while back, sure it still is (mbm5), thats definatly worth a try

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    good cpu temps?

    This little program works well and I have not found a CPU that it can't read yet. It will even show the temps of each CPU if you are running Dual Cores.


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    good cpu temps?

    Speedfan is a good one.

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    good cpu temps?

    As far as the temps, those are kind of scary. They need to be around 10c cooler... especially when the fan is running 6k rpm 8O

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    good cpu temps?

    my CPU temps: (degrees celsuim)
    40 first core
    35 2nd core

    I'm using the fan that came with my PC and on a controller, it says that it spins with 3230 RPM

    I'm using AMD Athlon X2 4200+, overclocked for 3% -or 5%, not sure- (dynamic OCed - in bios)

    is that bad too?

    oh and btw, the program works, tho it says Unknown AMD64 Processor (Windsor)

    I have the drivers installed, tho not the latest.. :P

    and while I'm writing.. lol
    does anyone knows of a good free program that shows your PCs voltages, temps (CPU, HDD, mobo, system, graphics etc..) and that stuff?



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    good cpu temps?

    I would try speedfan, i dont remember exactly what the website is, but if you dont need fan speed control, everest home edition is also a good tool.

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