You know that I have finally gotten my LCD screens to work, at least the 2x20's both the small and large character screens but with the large character screen I only have 1 line that works, so I decided to turn it into a portable unit so that can be moved from one computer to another. To start with I needed a container to put it into. Looking in my junk box I found a orange plastic container that looked like a small box with no lid and a small handle sticking off of one side. Now I forgot to take a pic before I started working on it but did take a pic after I got the slot cut and the mounting holes drilled for the screen. So here is a pic of that part with that part of the work done.

Now I installed the screen and hooked it to a computer and tested it out. Here are some pics showing the screen installed and working.

Now remember that this is the screen that has only 1 line working. Now I started setting up the parts needed to be able to carry this around without the cables hanging off from it, so I found the female portion of a printer port cable so that I could mount this to the side of the container. Here is a pic of the cable that I'm using.

Next I marked off where I wanted to mount the connector and drilled out some holes so that the filing the shape of the opening would be at a minimum.

Once I got the opening filed to where the connector would fit I installed it and here are a couple of pics of that.

Now in that last pic the black cover is in the way of the mounting screws of the screen. In fact even the wiring is in the way. I will have to cut off part of the mounting screw to clear the wiring. This won't effect the mounting because the screws are just to long in the first place. So this is it for now, so all comments and ideas are welcomed and remember Happy Modding to ya.