Time for a complete upgrade. My Rig "frost" is out dated, seen in action here.

This is what I have so far.

Intel core 2 duo extreme, Antec p160w case, Rainbow six vegas, and hyper tyre r PSU - waiting on mobo, memory, and video card.

Waiting for the rest of my parts gives me more time to re-mod the rig.
I chose Frost for the name to come up with a Blade Theme. Frost/Decon Frost/LaMagra/Blood Mod(god) ect.

I ended up with LaMagra "The Blood MOd" - and soon after ideas were flowing, literally. I dont like the idea of liquids in my system, cooling or other wise, but I have an idea...

I plan on taking the huge window, with 3 bevels sunk in almost a 1/2 in deep, and make a blood waterfall. Gonna cut 3 pieces of plexi, a 1/8" bigger than each bevel, and clear caulk them over the exsisting bevels creating a 1/2" cavity. From the inside top of bevels (seen in red) I'll drill a hole into the cavity for a small cooling barb connector and hose. Also
at the bottom for a return. what I'm looking for is a way to pulse pump the liquid to the top. I'll work on this l8tr.

I also decided to paint the chassis since I have more time. Its nice that all the parts come out easy, but a hell of alot of prep and taping. I taped the bars so they remain anodised aluminum. And any parts that may touch the PSU.

Im not gonna paint the Mobo mount panel yet, till I see what the mobo looks like on it. mobo is black, so was gonna paint the mount black, but again the little panel that will show might look better not painted.

I decided to go with a black metallic flake. And glad I did.

After the paint dried, I had to get started on how I plan on getting the blood flowin, so to speak. I was going to use regular 1/4" hose barbs and actually thread them into the window, but they were huge, and tapping plexi is difficult.

So I took an easier path. I'm using 3/8 clear hose, and quick connects usually used for Ice makers and such. I know this sounds scary, but they hold normal constant house pressure at 28 - 40 lbs, and this set up will have no real pressure.

I originally planned on using the connects mounted to the window. One problem, when I checked the window to make sure theres room for the connects, the top most part of the bevels is rite at the bottom of the cross rail. I thought this was going to be a problem, but it turned out to be an even better solution. Its gonna make alot more work for me, but the connects are going to mount to the rail, and protrude into the window. OK time to break out ol faithful.

I have to do a bit of cutting to attach the connects to the now called "blood rail".

I measured up where the connects should go and drilled 3/8" holes, used cutting wheels to remove some of the metal. Then used a solid carbide burr set, and mini files to sweetin it up a bit.

Ok, now were getting somewhere...

Had to do a little extra work to get the third connect in because it sits behind the drive bays, but Ive gone this far so....

Mobo should be here soon but I cant wait and jumped the gun painting the mobo panel red. Hope its not overkill. The mobo should cover 90% of this leaving just a few hints of red.

Now the fun stuff: I cut out some templates for the plexi I need to cut. I want it to look out of the box perfect, so this may take some time.

I also came up with an idea on how to move the "blood". I'm going to have to build a blood bank, with a fan blowing into it forcing the water to go where I want it. This way I can hook the fan up to the last unused port of my Light / Fan Bus, and hopefully be able to adjust the flow.

Damn It sound so good, but will it work properly ? And with this design, I should have no worries about water entering my system. If a window should leak, it will bleed out on the out side of case, and onto the floor.

Welcome to Modding 101, today's discussion is PWNAGE !!

Allright !