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Thread: Senior98 Presents Ace

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    Senior98 Presents Ace

    Well hello ....Again. I haven't been posting much but I will try to post a bit more. Anyway I've seen a couple of people post their rigs, So i thought it was about time i posted mine. Anyway Here are some pics.

    That's all for right now. Tell me what you think!

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    Senior98 Presents Ace

    Looking good. Hope to see more. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Senior98 Presents Ace

    Haha you bought the same speakers

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    Senior98 Presents Ace

    *Cough* Zalman is on wrong hahaha! A bit of wire management and maybe some internal case paint could go a long way.

    Grats on the new PC.

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    Senior98 Presents Ace

    dont get started on cpu fans with me and senior, they dont like us xD

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    Senior98 Presents Ace

    They sure don't. Yea i know the zalman is wrong but to get it to fit right is such a pain lol. Maybe I'll try to rotate it another day. Thanks for the comments!

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    Senior98 Presents Ace

    Yeah, looks like a nice case, but some of those wires should definitely be tucked away (that one IDE hanging down). And is that Jim Gaffigan on the tv?

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    Senior98 Presents Ace

    I don't know probably is. That case is long gone though. Got a new monitor and case like a month ago.

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