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Thread: lego man mouse mod

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    lego man mouse mod

    This origionally started as a modding comp on another forum but i think it's pretty cool so i'm posting it on other places. It's a cool idea for a contest too, lol i liked it enough tha ti'm kciking in a prize for it. I keep this the most updated on my site and if you have questions, i'm the most active there as well,
    Heres my entry pic..

    I went with my previous mouse since this is the first time i've done this mod and i'd rather not chance messin up my current one.

    in the anticipation of the no cost mods competition, i wanted to ask you which mouse you guys think i should use?

    i have my current one on the left, and the other one on the right isn't a true mouse, it's for 3d object orientation in programs like cad and solidworks, but i still think it's look cool

    now the one of the left may not work, i'd have to go in there with a multimeter to find a suitable line to tap, but as far as the regular mouse, it's optical, not your traditional one but there are still leds, it just functions a little different, thats all. i have a third one similiar to that one as well that i may look into doing this mod with.

    the aim of this project should be something along the lines of this one...

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    lego man mouse mod

    alright guys, i started working on this today. i need to get some resisters from my uncles house, but all the cutting is done.

    It was pretty simple, i took a drill and from the bottom, i could see where i wanted to cut so i drilled the corners as guides to cut into with my dremel from the top.

    next step was cutting the plexi. this was kinda annoying because i'd make a small cut then size ti up and repeat. took about 15 minutes for this little chunk. i left the wings on it so i'd be able to properly glue it.

    oh also i bent it to fit. i heated it with a heat gun, then held it over the mouse while spraying it with cold water, if you do this, be careful that you dont let the plexi bubble, and that you dont burn yourself holding the plexi, i used some thick gloves for it.

    then i took out my industrial glue and just glued it into place. now we play the waiting game...

    i'm also thinking about painting it. my mom does a lot of crafts so we have lots of spray paint.

    i'd love some questions/comments

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    lego man mouse mod

    alright guys, today i hit some inspiration. Now the idea of the floating object was cool, but just like it came up, Troy [from CMG] kinda owns the rights to it, lol. But this is where some cretive ideas popped into my head. This may not look as flashy as the floating object but i think it is jsut as eye catching. Troy sent me some of his 2 way mirror which i am planning to use. I set a picture about 1 cm to .5 cm below it, and pointed a flashlight upward from the decal and it looked pretty cool, it gives you a hazy image of the decal below. I plan to do this and i'm going to make it so that the image is interchangable.

    This pic gives a rough idea of what i'm planning on having.

    The light will bounce off the mirroring shining on the decal making it visible, giving the mirroring almost a 3d effect with the image below it.

    this also keeps the mod looking really clean in my opinion because the mirroring will stop you from being able to see the rest of the inside.

    tomorrow i paint the mouse, then mount the plexi, and scavange my uncles for some hopefully white or maybe blue LEDs that'll work, hoping for anywhere between 2-4, i'm crossing my fingers.

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    lego man mouse mod

    And with this post, we're all caught up...
    My next task was cutting the mirroring, this was pretty easy not since i've already done just about the same thing with the plexi, only difference is, this isn't bent at all

    Heres a nice shot of it resting in place, I wont be glueing it in just yet because i still have to paint and i'd rather leave it out for that, wish i did the same for the plexi...

    Heres a shot to show you how reflective that it is. Thats my camera in the reflection

    Now for some quick fun i printed off a couple images to show you the general effect.

    Now my camera really didn't like the lighting effects at all and it took me a few tries to get it this clear, but for those who watch bleach, you might recognize this one..

    And this one came out a bit clearer because it's a far more simple image, this is my forum icon..

    These are alot more clear in real life, but also when i do the real lighting they should have a far more 3d effect because the lighting will be a lot less. I stuck a giant flash light to shine in through the hole where the mouse ball would have been, lol.

    Now for the detailing. I looked through my paint and found one can with a glossy black, and another with chrome, so i'm doing the body in black and the buttons in chrome.
    I gave it the first coat of black, i'll prolly want to do one last coat of black, then move on to the buttons, it was kinda tedious(sp?) becaus ei had to tape all the holes. The mouse buttons are still attached and thats why i had to tape. I tried pulling them out but i was worried i would ruin the mouse if i pulled any harder.

    Tonight i should have it all painted up, tomorrow i'll add the lighting and hopefully have it all completly finished this weekend

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    lego man mouse mod

    Clever idea with the mirroring faceless105.

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    lego man mouse mod

    thanks, right now i'm carefully painting the buttons in chrome. I wasn't able to take them off, so it's a bit tedious

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    lego man mouse mod

    I just wanted to give you all a quick update on some progress. This is the result of my painting.

    I was planning to wire it up today but i had to leave town for the weekend.

    Now i feel like the colows look a little childish, but i really like it at the same time. I have to do a little cutting on the inside plate now. Adding the window is taking up a little mose space then the mouse wanted to give, lol.

    So once i get back in town i'm adding the mirroring and the lighting. So far i've found 2 white LEDs, no suer how much voltage they can take though, lol. hopefully i can find 2 more.

    btw, sorry about the bluryness, my camera doesn't seem to like doing anything very close up at all

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    lego man mouse mod

    faceless, LEDs are probably 3.6V, if you have them on 5V (if the mouse is USB or PS/2

    look here for pins: <-- PS/2 <-- USB (VCC is +, ground is -)

    Hope this is of any help

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    lego man mouse mod

    thanks for that link. I've already black plugged the pins in the mouse to know where the 5v wire is,

    So not it's just a matter of finding some LEDs that i can wire up or finding some resisters to use with them

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