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Thread: SONICWall? >.<

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    SONICWall? >.<

    Well this is my schools firewall/filtering system and it is highly annoying. But I do enjoy it at the same time because it forces me to try to figure out a way around it. I learn new things in the process. So does anyone know how it is possible to get around sonicwall? I know it can be done because some hacker named jelly the FBI brought in was able to do it. This is strictly for knowledge purposes, I'm not intending on doing some malicious. Just knowledge's sake. Thanks

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    SONICWall? >.<

    Uh Oh call in Zero Cool! wheres my 486 :lol:

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    SONICWall? >.<

    There will always be a way around firewalls simply because it is there to be accessed. The only secure network is one that isn't networked

    With some very simple tools hacking firewalls is fairly easy.

    I will warn you that hacking a computer or a firewall is very illegal... whether your intentions are good or not. The police really don't care, and the school usually doesn't either.

    I can't stress to you enough how important it is to cover your tracks.. which is the hardest part of hacking... and often the most overlooked (also the least published). If you allow your IP address to be logged (Which it most certainly will) it can be traced back to the computer you used and possibly to you. Using a school computer would be idiotic. Using the internet to hack into the school network via multiple proxies would be less idiotic.. but still idiotic. The school can request logs from the proxy server you use to trace your address, and most server admins will hand over that log willingly (Especially if the police request it).

    I would think that Wireless would be the way to go. Usually in minutes you can grab a WEP key and spoof your MAC address to a &#34;valid&#34; computer and log right on. You would be mobile and virtually uncatchable. People do get caught doing even this (Some wardrivers have been caught) because they didn't use their heads. If you are the only person with a laptop.. your the first person they are going to go grab.

    There are simply too many methods and technical reviews to post on here.. and I don't think Modders-Inc wants to be a Hackers site, but if you want to know more than Go GOOGLING!

    Google for &#34;Hacking Firewalls&#34; and &#34;Circumventing Firewalls&#34; to find a lot more.


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    SONICWall? >.<

    Forgot to add...

    Firewalls all pretty much work the same way.. so don't worry about hacking SONICwall... just look at hacking Any wall.


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    SONICWall? >.<

    Lol I'm not wishing to hack anything, just getting around it. Hacking would imply I plan on controlling something for whatever intentions. I just wanna get to my damn sites like modders inc while in school &#62;.&#60;

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    SONICWall? >.<

    surprisingly, my school doesnt block modders-inc...

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    SONICWall? >.<

    If you can get to from your school just use it to get around your firewall. I used to admin a high school in north georgia and i found that alot of students were using it to get around the firewalls, so i blocked them getting to it. But the fact is that there are way to many sites like that one to for me to block them all.

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    SONICWall? >.<

    I would say don't mess with the firewall.... more and more school systems are getting nasty and brutally hard on students hacking, misusing or cercumventing thier networks even for just MI. I have a friend in working in a middle school and she tells me of all the &#34;dumb&#34; things kids end up in big touble over.

    If you must take a laptop and try to catch a wireless connection out side of school network. you can biuld one of those &#34;wifi over 1/2 mile antennas&#34;

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    SONICWall? >.<

    CF's suck. Proxy or the combination of letters adding to proxy autoblocks the site. Sonicwall is like nothing I've ever dealt with before. Wish I knew how it worked exactly.

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