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Thread: Swing - The Chameleon

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    Its about time to start the worklog on the swing case ive been working on in my free time.

    Stock orange fans where removed...

    Stock case pic off of thermaltakes site.....

    The Window cutout.
    wanted something more than the standard that kinda went with the case...

    Drives where put in, Dyed the zip drive to match....

    The Window.
    Used some Smoked Lexen for the window. Thought it might go better than the standard clear lexan...

    Painted the frame Matalic. Blue. added clearcoat to help from scratch's...

    It looks a little darker with the smoked window on....

    first powerup...

    Added 2 laser Led's.
    yep you can see the mess in there now...

    My to do list:
    Wire Management, lol as if you couldnt tell it needs some.
    Better lighting, looks a little darker here than the pics show.
    Change out PS, stock one i put in sux.
    Mount drives, yep there just laying in there right now I painted the drive cage not sure if i want to use it or not yet.

    Thats the list for now, but it can change. I think the front looks a little plain so i might have to do something there.

    I'm always open for sugestions.

    More to come when I get some more time and stuff to work with.

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    looking good just need to do the wire Management

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    thanks.. yep wires are on the list after i change out the ps

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    Nice cutout/paint job. Haha, nice job w. the drives atm :P, just sorta chilling at the bottom.

    Good job

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    Looking good bud, glad that case found a good home

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    -PC- that is a really slick case which appeals to me. The cut you did on the side panel was a must and looks really good. Great to hear your doing something about cable management :wink: Looking for ward to seeing it all finished so great job so far.

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    Going to be a long week dont think i'll get much done have to work a few hrs ot

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    Decided to repaint the case using MIRAGEĀ® Color shifting Paint.

    Is just the first coat after the primer step paint is still wet.
    Pics are with and without flash to show some of the lighting effect.

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    I like the color that you chose for the the front. That is cool. Keep up the good work.

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    very very nice I like the shifting colour.

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