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Thread: Swing - The Chameleon

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    I have to say i really like this mod especially the paint job it looks amazing! Nice work!

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    The smoked window turned out good PC.

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    hmm you might get a more even glow of light if you diffuse the light source/plexy with some fine grade sand paper or even better steel-wool (wirewool), then also may stop any possible glare it might make and be more of an accentuating light,

    just a suggestion

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    Thanks Tazz, Techytom, sni9er

    Will give that a try sni9er will do a few testings before I'm done lol..

    Here is the Clear lexan not glued yet:

    Will have to wait till its dry and compare the two.. the clear one didn't look as bright as the pic shows.

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    Even with the blurry pics we still get the idea of how the feet work and I must say they are SWEET! Happy Modding to ya.

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    That is one sweet loking case -PC-, I don't think i would have thought of a cool idea like that with the feet. Nice work man

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    Thanks em3bilko, novaforme

    I had been thinking of someway to blend the feet in more for awhile, then I recalled one of the stereo's I had at one time had black feet and a chrome ring around them. I figured they would look cool light up like that.

    The foot is unglued and has primer on it for now. The flash knocks some of the lighting out, without the flash it shows to much light and blurs the pic's.

    Will try and frost the clear lexan next and see how it looks. Shouldn't be to hard since I have to sand it anyhow to get the three pieces all lined up and looking smooth.

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    Wow, that paint job is amazing... I have a new PC coming this week and I'm building it in the coolermaster Wave Master case... I am using Green LEDS for everything *fans and I'm replacing the power button LED hopefully to green.* I looked on the duplicolor site and I didn't see any mirage green paint :'(.
    Does anyone know of any cool green paint? Not just a flat green though. Something like the mirage paint.

    Again, great job on the paint.

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    Thanks Locust

    Not sure what color of green your looking for but here is what they have:

    MP-400 Purple/Green Kit
    MP-401 Silver/Green Kit

    If you do go with the Mirage paint keep in mind it is really soft paint and setting anything on the case will leave an impression, I found out the hard way and had to redo the top.

    The green car looks cool...

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    Swing - The Chameleon

    Thanks for the link! I went to their site and didn't see the green to silver somehow o.O.
    MP-401 Silver/Green Kit
    Looks perfect. Thanks for the warning on the soft paint.

    I've only painted the inside of a case.... To paint the outside would I have to sand the whole thing...? Ugh, sand blocks = pain. I'll deffinatly use that paint though, I think !

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