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Thread: TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout


    More to come,... soon to be complete.

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    WOW! Yea! First update in how long! I didnt get anything done today too! Let me explain,... so yea. It's been how long? So I went to the studio and pulled Blackout out from the shadows. I dusted her off a bit and though I was going to get right to work! WRONG! LOL. I had to like figure out where I left off and what I had to do now. So yea. I found out the I have to shave some off of the LED cover and the new floor of the 5.25" rack because the back side panel or the right one if your looking at the front of the case, wont close. Not a problem. I didnt fix that right then and there. So,...

    Jan-30-2007 (Blackout)

    Here's where I left off,... the HDD rack thingie.

    I love how the HDD rack sits right up on the window like this. It's not right up on the window but it's close. When lights go out,... you wont even be able to see it! God I love that.

    This side is finished. I have to work on the other side now. I ahev to make sure this rack is in the right position before taking measurements.

    Here's the fan side.

    Whats I want is the fan to suck and blow across the HDD's. I want to fan to suck in cold air from teh bottom of the case. Here's a mock-up I was playing around with today. I was just trying to get an idea of how this will work and how it will look.
    2007_11-160.jpg" alt="" />

    When I go to work tonight,... hopefully it will be slow so that I can draw out what I want this cover thing to look like. I don't really want to waste time in the studio drawing. I want to get right to work. Sorry this is all I have for today but I plan on spending several days on this before I get back to the levo shields, tZOS.

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    Oh boy, this is awesome to see. I know that it's been quite awhile since you last worked on it and I've been waiting patiently but now you have gotten me gitty just knowing that Blackout is back. Happy Modding to ya.

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    Yea,... it's back and time to finish it.

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    Oh god, one of my favorite cases coming back. Can't wait man.

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    sorry but i dont no about this case? when was it started?? looking good btw

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    sorry but i dont no about this case? when was it started?? looking good btw
    2 years ago. Alot of the worklog is shot. In the begining I was using one image severa and then switched and I made changes to this server so a lot of images are dead. I'm going to assemble a gallery on my site soon.

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    wicked case. I want to see this case go far!

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    Looks like your off to a good start tribaloverkill

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    TribalOVERKILL's, Blackout

    Ok,... I didnt get anything done in the studio the other day because I didnt go. I never got out of bed. Yea. I was so damn tired. Hospital is running us ragged. I can't wait to cut down there so I can spend more time in the studio. I couldnt even do any designing while I was at work because they had me working on the one of the worst floors. Anyways,... I was having trouble figuring out what I wanted to do with this portion of the HDD rack. Do I want to create a compartment in which teh fan can draw air from teh outside or just make a shield to cover the fan and make it look nice?!?!?! I really wanted to just make a shield but I had my heart set on drawing air from the outside. So,... thats what I'm going to do. Need a compartment that will do the job, look nice and will hold together without welding. Hmmm,... watch and learn,...

    Feb-01-2007 (Blackout)

    Here's what I want. It's two pieces. a front and a back. The back get bolted down with the fan. The front piece get bolted to the front of the fan. Both pieces fit flush. I wanted to try and round this thing but I cant really do that because of how the front cover is mounted. If I round the front cover a bit,... it will cover or over hang the side of the HDD rack. I dont want to cover any of the side of the HDD rack. So an absolute box it is. But it's ok,... because the pump tower is boexed too. They will compliment each other.

    Went to an arts and craft store and found some CHIPBOARD. I didnt know whats it was called. Now I do. I got 2 big ass sheets for like 2 bucks each. I'm going to look online for this stuff. I want to buy it in bulk.

    Heres the front all drawn out.

    Front cut out. I took the razor and cut on the lines where I'm goign to bend to make it real easy to bend. Have to be careful not to cut all the way through. Just cut the very surface.


    Very nice,...

    Very nice,... I like.

    F@#$. How the hell?!?! 3/4" to short? LOL. Thank god it's only a mock up. LOL. Whatever,... I'll super glue on an extension. he he he. lordy.

    Back piece cut out,...

    Look at that! Whos the man!

    Flush. Of course,... doing this with the aluminum is going to be harder. Thats because it's thicker and I have to compensate for a bit of stretching.

    Not worried about it sealing perfectly. This is not a precise high vacuum area. This is just fine.

    Now I have to figure out what design to cut out of it. I want the one side to continue the look of the HDD rack and maybe have to other continue the look of the above LED cover.

    Heres how the back will fit on.

    And then the front,...

    what you think so far? You know whats funny,... this case really has no plans whatsoever. For those of you who have been following this thing from the very begining,... you would know this. I have been kind of just making S@#$ up as I go. LOL. It's really funny actually. I myself,... dont even know what this thing is going to look like when it's done. I have an idea but who knows! LOL. Blackout is kind of like my "drawing board" that I use to exercise my design sense. you know? Anyways,... till next time. Going to try and get some work done on fri but I doubt it. I will probably end up just drawing and planning some more for this thing. I'll try and post something though. Going to get some work done on sat though. Sun I'll be in there and I will spend all of mon in there, day and night.

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